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Corporation Name: Paradigm Hypernautics
Former Names: Titan Industries, Clan Kryze Shipyards,
Headquarters: Mandalore
Locations: Mandalore, Yaga Minor, Illum, Yavin IV,
Operations: Ships, Vehicles, Technology, Armor, Weapons,
Tier: III
Paradigm Hypernautics is a manufacturing company that makes almost everything. Weapons? We make them. Ships? We make them. Tech? We make it. Paradigm Hypernautics(PH) is a company that places value on tradition, but also innovation. We offer technology that could be considered an antiquity to the enterprising collector while simultaneously selling high tech weapons and gear to the militaries of different factions and planets. At Yaga Minor, Mandalore and Yavin IV we offer our wares wares to you, whoever you are, to be used wherever you want. Paradigm Hypernautics offers 24/7 support staff and customer service which has been given the Clan Kryze Award for best customer service every year since PH's founding. At Paradigm Hypernautics we do not pressure you to buy our products, we accept that you may want to stay loyal to other companies. But if you want superior service and products, buy from Paradigm Hypernautics. Paradigm Hypernautics
Titan founded Paradigm Hypernautics to expand the influence of Clan Kryze on the back of his had work and money, iinternal disputes, however, caused a change of direction. It started to expand the influence of Titan instead of the Clan and its profits delivered to him and his employees rather than the clan. However when Titan was kidnapped, the board of investors sold it to a @Sauron Saxon who soon disappeared from galactic affairs again the board sold it this time to an anonymous buyer who turned out to be Titan. After he killed the board Titan renamed the company to Paradigm Hypernautics.
Parent Corporation: None