Name: Valen.
Location: The Silver Rest, Kashyyyk.
Subject: Training.

It feels like things have been non-stop since I said yes to Master Naetre's asking me if I wanted to try out for the Silver Jedi!

The first night sharing a room with someone else was kinda weird and I found it really hard to sleep knowing there was someone else on the other side of the room who I didn't know at all. I guess I'm still used to being bullied every time I would fall asleep back with the Disciples. According to Master Naetre, the stuff I was able to tell her was a big help for them being able to learn more about the cult. I haven't heard anything about it since but she did tell me she'd stop asking those sorts of questions so I could focus on my learning instead.

Every day I wake up at 7am and head to the cafeteria with the others to have breakfast, then it's pretty much a full day of classes. I was worried I'd be the oldest guy around who knew so little about the Silver Jedi but there seem to be all ages of Padawan here on Kashyyyk. Some start out as kids while some start their training as adults which is awesome, I don't have to be so worried about looking dumb in front of the others.

So far Force Mastery & Theory has been pretty interesting. I'm not sure I completely understand what the Force is exactly but the idea that there's some greater power or energy out there that connects every person in the Galaxy kinda makes me feel not so alone. I suppose I like the idea of knowing that something's looking out for me, sort of like a sense of being special or just...Being something more than what I am.

Apparently, there is a good side and a bad side to the Force though. The good side is what the Jedi call the Lightside and the bad one is the Darkside which I suppose makes sense. Sort of like a good and evil kind of thing, the Jedi who use the Lightside of the Force try to protect and save people while there is another kind of people called the Sith who use the Darkside and hurt others. They've been fighting against the Jedi for hundreds of years which seems crazy, you'd think after so long that people would've gotten sick of it all by now!

I actually think the Disciples sounded a lot like these Sith people, doing bad stuff like kidnapping me and beating me up all the time. They sure didn't like it when Master Caedyn and Kyra showed up, starting a fight with them and everything. I was really lucky that they turned up when they did though, and that they were good guys and not more of these Sith. If it wasn't for them, I dunno what I'd be doing right now. Certainly not learning about all this Jedi stuff!

Oh yeah, another of our classes is Lightsaber Arts & Practice. We get to use these things called training sabers, which are like vibroswords but their blades are made up of energy and they don't weigh anything at all. It's really tricky to get used to swinging them because without the weight, you can wave it around as fast as you could with your arm and it's way too easy to hit yourself. I've done it a good few times now and it gives you a pretty nasty shock and leaves a really big bruise...-Still, I heard they can cut people in half so I think I'd rather take the bruise than anything!

I've been spending a lot of my spare time in the archives lately, it's like a library for Jedi. I keep getting work to do during the weeknights which really sucks because classes are long enough as it is and after having to do all the running and stuff, all I wanna do is sleep. Anyway, the archives have like...Millions of datacards...-Well, maybe not millions but you can find almost anything to read about there. Or holo-vids! You can watch those on your datapad which is great, I've seen some Jedi doing really crazy stuff with their lightsabers and the Force, stuff you couldn't imagine!

Anyway, tonight I have to come up with an answer as to why I want to become a Jedi Knight one day. That's what Caedyn is apparently, and Master Naetre is a Jedi Master which comes after that. I guess my answer is pretty simple though, I don't want anyone else to know what it feels like to be somebodies slave and to have to be treated like you're a nobody. It's the worst feeling in the Galaxy and if I could stop that from happening to someone else then I think that'd be the best thing I could ever do for someone!

It doesn't seem like it was that hard of a question but our tutor seemed to think it was...-I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Right now I'm hungry and then I think I'ma go to bed, I'm really stuffed!