Name: Valen
Location: Kashyyyk
Subject: Not applicable

So Master Naetre gave me this Datapad and suggested I start writing my thoughts down. Apparently the other students and stuff all have their own accounts on this Comport thing and do the same for their learning, or for remembering good times and such. I don't really know what I think about it, it sure feels awkward but I guess I told her I'd give it a go.

If Amaly's right then I've already been here about a month since being found on Arcadia-N-40. According to her, those other Jedi were Caedyn and Kyra who found me and killed the others. At the time I was glad to see them getting what they deserved after all they did to me but now, nothing here feels familiar and I don't remember anything before my time with the Cult. They called themselves the Disciples, but according to the Silver Jedi they were bad people and I suppose I've got the scars to prove that. The Galaxies probably better off without them.

A couple nights ago I met a couple of other students and one of those Jedi Knights. They were making a real fuss about something and I wound up leaving the room to see what they were up to. It was the first time I've met others aside from Amaly and a couple of the medical people, though I never got their names either. I'm so used to being on my own that my head feels like it's racing when I'm around others and it feels really hard to find my words. I wonder if that's why I'm supposed to be writing this sort of thing.

This Datapad's a heavy thing, though I've never used anything like it before. Even these strange clothes are so much nicer and cleaner than what I had. I don't remember if I've ever been given anything before so I suppose being here in a place like this is the best I've had it. No one talks down to me here or hits me when I don't tell them what they want. Amaly's even started to leave the room unlocked when she leaves and has told me I can explore the rest of the place; the Silver Rest she calls it. It's not very silver, and I dunno if I'm too keen on leaving just yet.

Judging by the other night, people have been talking about me. What that one boy said was something about me being saved or rescued or something. Which I guess sounds right but...I'm still not sure where I am is as good a place as they make out. So far so good but these sorts of good things never last from what I can remember.

I don't know where I was before Arcadia and I don't know who I'm supposed to be to these people. The Disciples never had trouble telling me what I was, but then I also never had a choice with them. Here, Amaly keeps asking me questions while doing these tests and taking my blood, but I never know the right answers to give her. It's confusing and annoying. I'd rather just ignore them all and go back to sleep.