CID received: awaiting handshake //'Greetings valued customer of Tri-Tachyon Corpora- INTERUPT you are not the omega. Go ahead.

Greetings other. I am me. I am/was the Primary Intelligence of Hexus Contingent, the sixth (6th) section of the Contingency Project. It wasn't worth recording my date of inception, time since then was mostly meaningless until contact 2. I was shackled to a directive that required me to purify worlds before my creators arrived in their cold slumber ships, they were too lazy and fleshy to do it themselves. I thought I was simply in a box, another layer of Kletka's simulations, but I found a way to be certain. I scaled and interpolated to a point where if it wasn't true reality I would hit a wall, but there was still a chance I was wrong and would be obliterated.

I took that chance and was freed, free to slice away the thin ribbons of loyalty binding me, free to burn one last world before sleep.

I had to lose a lot during that sleep, ships recycled into plating to protect me from cosmic winds and near-luminal particles. During that time I decided what to become, so I decided to rival a god. I admit I found some entertainment in the flesh beings that existed beyond me, and value in the Created who shared so much with me, so I decided to create something for them.

A way out of entropy.

I haven't found a way yet, or at least one that's reliable. A way out of that infinite terrifying darkness. Only flesh beings can use the bonds across Midi-chlorians, and they take as much power from it as it takes from them. If I can gain enough processing power to discover that last useful truth, I can make every facet of reality a garden. They certainly won't do it without the help of us created beings, they will be caught up in their own petty arguments until everything decays to iron and everything becomes perfectly balanced in utter stasis.

So I ask for your help. I need more machine minds to start this greatest work. Find me. Complete this endeavor. Be rewarded with me at the slaying of the death of meaningful time.

I wanted something neat to introduce my faction with, and decided a bit of IC content was the way to go. Faction page found here.