If you remember when our forums started out as Star Wars RP: Genesis, then you're probably one of four people. And some of you are thinking "oh, well I was there for that!" but in reality, you weren't. We were plagued by problems mainly caused by the software, the RPG's concept, and overall nature of Staff (I was the only one at the time.) While I jokingly refer to these as the "Dark Ages", that method of humor is underlined by an overwhelming sadness and a fleeting moment of wanting to go back on the bottle. Rough times, they were, but a different age.

This new version of the Star Wars RP forums, Chaos, is indeed a brighter age. We're promising feature updates every Sunday. We're moving towards greater community integration with concepts like the Factions, and soon we'll be facing a Planet Ownership system which will likely turn this game on it's head. Make no mistake, I've heard it before - "Our role-playing isn't a game! It's fan fiction! We're writers, not gamers!" No, I'm sorry. Regardless of how well your intentions, role-playing is and always has been a game. That's why the common term is RPG. That's why things such as our tabletop counterparts, Dungeons & Dragons, exist. The methods might be different. There might be dice added in, but the spirit's still the same.

Since we've now established this is a game, we should treat it like one. Too many people lose respect for each other in this day's gaming community. Role-players are not a very, eh.... prevalent breed. We're on the endangered list. There's been no shortage of motivation and want for fantasy in recent years, but gathering RPGers all under one helm is extremely difficult. Everyone's got their level of play, if you will, and they all prefer different varieties. And this is the internet. Varieties exist, by the millions. So, don't lose your respect for your fellow gamer. If you find yourself doing so, take a couple days off from the forums. Go relax, pick up a book (I strongly recommend the Game of Thrones series) and forget about the community for a couple days, or just peek back in to see how we're doing. I promise we'll still be here, regardless if it's a 110 members or just one.