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Intent: To provide Orihime a unique saber
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Sasori
Model: Lightsaber
Affiliation: Orihime Ike
Modularity: Crystals can be swapped
Production: Unique
  • Durlanium Alloy
  • Focusing Crystals
  • Color Crystal
  • Crystal shards
  • Lightsaber components
  • Enhanced Kunda Lens
Classification: Lightsaber
Size: One-handed, Two-handed
Length: Variable Length
  • Shoto length: .3 (minimum length)
  • Saber Length: .4m
  • Polearm Length: 3m (maximum length)
Weight: 3.9kg
Special Features:
  • Telescopic Casing
  • Adjustable Saber Length (.6m to 2m)
  • Waterproof Casing (Bifurcating Cyclical-Ignition Pulse)
  • Secondary Emitter Attached to hilt
  • Calibration Switch (able to adjust between beamer and blaster)
  • Independent Activation Studs
  • Enhanced Connection to the Force
  • Cannot be used by Darksiders
  • Force Hardened Casing
  • Mini computer
  • Biometric handgrip
  • Trapped Hilt
  • Overload capacitors
  • EMP Shielding
Constructed and designed by Orihime based on a design her mother had made a long time ago. The saber itself is a strong merging of technology and the force with thin plates of durlanium alloy pressed and machined using kyber crystal dust to enhance its ability to channel the force into a force weapon. Telescopic to adjust the length and add several ways to fight with weapon training and saber techniques. The hilt a little more builky in her hand to fit in the additional plates and internal components. More weight sure and some more practice but as a small marvel of tech and force it is slightly unrivaled.

The force enhancement of the casing allows it to function as additional equipment before the saber's blades are even activated. The compacted design gives it the illusion of being at first a shoto saber for the off hand to preform jar'kai and work to lure opponents into a false sense until it is needed. A secondary emitter is fixed to the bottom like the original double bladed saber allowing for the second blade to surprise with a secondary ignition stud.
The rest of the saber is created combining information from notes taken on different technology to better improve the saber. A bifrucitating ignition pulse to allow the saber to be used underwater, a switch to calibrate the saber between the energy output needed to deflect a blaster and then switch to a paddle beamer, a small capacitor able to collect energy from an overload and redirect it into the blade to make it burn stronger. The blades adjuster to make it more sharper in width to get into sections easier, the faster burning blade able to cut through stronger materials.
To aid in this technology within the saber a small computer is added able to regulate and monitor the energy output with excess that could overload the saber and disable it being put into the capacitor to be applied to the saber's plasma output and cut through stronger metals faster. Controls to adjust the energy output to allow it to switch from a non lethal to a stronger blade for faster cutting which is on most sabers. A locking activator to allow the blades to remain activated when a hand is not in contact.
The internal workings of the saber do not shy away from the crystals and equipment needed. A refined kunda lens to better channel the energy into the blades with a duel chamber diatanium energy cell able to give a higher energy output initially. The biometrics to read her DNA and only work for her, she worked to make sure the saber was further protected with coverings and shielding for the interior to shield it from elecrtomagnetic pulses and ion weaponry as well as force electronic manipulation.
With additional technique and workings on the saber hilt with the biometrics sensor keyed to Orihime. Her work on the trapped grip working to shock and protect it from anyone else trying to use it. The standard idden sensor being the biometrics instead of something built into it. Orihime tried to finish the saber off while working with the capacitors to function with a discharge cell to channel the excess energy into the blade looking deeper into the lightsaber technology before she was working her force energies to assemble on a work bench the saber.
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