I have tried in many ways to keep things that happen ooc away from my ic writing, as it tends to make the character react in ways they aren't designed.
I have written Rianna Organa since 1999. She is as complete a character as can be, and she has ties to Alderaan. Her Family has ties to Alderaan. I brought those ties here to Chaos. I write a bunch of Organa's as I could never find the people at the time to write them, it would be great to have someone else write some family. Provide that..interaction that is so necessary for development. They have always been prominent in Alderaan politics.
Entanglements with other writers can damage muse. My Organa family of Alderaan. I had to do modifications on this family to accommodate another writer, which I did glady so that I could continue the story of the family. Board events, and LOAs for writers stalled some of the writing, and redirected some of the dynamics, but I've tried to keep them to their original design.
I was getting a lot of frustration as another writer found it necessary to remind me of the evils of a particular faction through role play and out of character. It got to the point where I couldn't take it any longer. So I created another world that would let me write my story. I did tell this writer that they had driven me to all of this and they apologized. Fact of the matter is this, I didn't want to have to face this writer again with this same argument, and I could see it starting again based on an OOC thread.
So let's begin with the Genevieve Lasedri story arc. It created a lot of drama and then the fall out was just as drama filled. I as a writer attempted to do all the things that I could to help change things so that another issue like that one would not come about. I worked for two weeks with the faction staff on something that they encouraged. Only to wake up one morning to find that they had done whatever they wanted. As is their right. But in my eyes was a direct slap in the face to me as a writer trying to help. I approached one of the board Admins, someone I trusted to give me a neutral opinion on circumstances which were beginning to drag me down. Admin was very kind and gave me solid advice. So when the Republic staff did what they wanted I wasn't too surprised. Though my feelings were hurt. But I'm a big girl, so I moved on and kept writing.
My character was attempting to pull the government together, deal with a potential war crimes charge but if writers won't write, don't feel like writing, or have just reached the end of their patience with something it's hard to get participation. And when the key villain decides to up and leave without any real conclusion to events, it leaves a bit of a gap, but the scorch marks of the burn were left to be dealt with by everyone else. But when drama is already 2 to 3 months old and its effects are still lingering you know that the damage runs deep.
I try to always remember my character's points of view as their stories have developed the ever evolving attitude. Remembering this is a game this is pretend and none of it hurts my Real LIfe, I try not to lose sleep over it. Unlike some of the Faction staff who are trying desperately to make this fun for everyone, I"m sorry to you all who have lost sleep, or have had your muse damaged because of all this.
I've heard a lot about the Alderaan Invasion for obvious reasons. "I got forced into an Invasion" "The Invasion is stupid" "the invasion makes no sense" I am told that talks went on for two weeks to put the rules and objectives together. Can I say that it did with all assurance, no. Can I say that all questions were answered, no. Can I say that people weren't ignored, no. All of what I have is hearsay. But know this I outlined the reasons in a post in the invasion form an IC point of view. I don't know who read it, I even had to re-post the reasons in an OOC in the Republic because the OOC was getting mixed into the IC. I know this because one of the other writers went OH...ok. so it's not OOC. No, it isn't. I don't think anyone understands from an IC view even now. I also wrote the last post from an IC Point of View after agonizing over what to do, I wanted to be able to work with Both Factions at the end of the day. I wanted to do stories of interaction between the Republic and Alderaan, and the Mando and Alderaan. Who would help the most? Is it the ones who came to protect the planet from anyone from the Republic, or is it the Republic who would now have plenty of time to not just negotiate why, but to come back do more stories, build something, with the nobles. Help. Alderaan may not be a jewel coveted by everyone, but I see such potential for stories,. BUT. The backlash wow.
I've been accused of not giving the Republic a chance, one writer in an ooc post wrote, "I think they took the easy way out". I thought about a lot of things that were written in that invasion, I thought of the IC reasons, and the way my character Arianna has developed. THE Decision made was based on In Character events, and thoughts, and I did post in the Royal House of Alderaan a topic to get feed back from other nobles on what they thought. Three responded, two gave their support to whatever the Queen decided. Not once did I think "OH I can put the screws to the Republic by doing this"
I have begun to feel that if I don't write my characters to do what others think they should that it makes me as a writer unacceptable to them. A big black mark that says..........'HANDS OFF" that does hurt my feelings as I try to be so accommodating and helpful when I can. I try not to advertise these kinds of behaviors, but I've had so many in the last few months I've run out of excuses for other people, and my go to phrase of "it's a game" isn't helping me.
I was asked tonight if I'd be taking an LOA because of everything, I've given it consideration. My problem is I like to write it helps me relax, and granted its been fluff lately but I think I needed that to offset all the drama. I will be slower in posting as usual, I apologize to everyone that I am writing with on that.
I sit here, staring at this screen wondering does this blog help anyone, or is this post just for me. So far just for me. But I welcome any advice, comments that are constructive, or even a pat on the head that says hang in there. Maybe if advice is left it will help someone else. Or maybe it this will let someone else know they aren't alone in some of the things they are facing.