We've bided our time long enough. We've lost worlds, armies, slaves, and faithful subjects. We've plundered capitals, razed cities, slaughtered billions, raided Jedi holy worlds, and nearly brought the galaxy's combined might to their knees.

We've waited long enough.

The Dark Lord is Dead, All Hail the Dark Lord. All Hail our DARK VOICE.


What is this?:

Operation Shadow Hand or the "Shadow Hand Strategy" was the Imperial name for the section of the Galactic Civil War following in the wake of the Thrawn campaign. It was applied to the collective military campaigns that the reborn Emperor Palpatine, also known as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, launched in an attempt to retake control of the galaxy and claim dominion over the Galactic Empire once more.

The MAW's Operation Shadowhand is the brainchild of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Mori, her Shadowhand Darth Ptolemis, and the Wrath of the Maw Kyrel Ren. In the wake of Tython, the MAW was caught on the backfoot, having devoted everything into wiping out the Jedi on their homeworld of Tython, and in the process completing the Sith'ari Darth Solipsis Darth Solipsis 's mad gambit to play god by rewriting reality in one big cosmic reset. There were heavy losses on all sides, but unlike all other attempts to destroy a planet by the mad marauders and psychopaths.. they failed. Their prophet was slain, and their leadership crumbled.

On the verge of schism and civil war, on the day of burial within the valleys of Exegol, DARTH MORI claimed the THRONE OF THE SITH and asserted her right over the NEW SITH ORDER and the WARLORDS OF THE MAW, becoming the new figurehead of the forces of Bogan. As the new DARK LORD OF THE SITH and DARK VOICE OF THE MAW, Mori was quick to correct the failing power structure and struggling war machine, seizing resources far and wide. The BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW stripped worlds and plundered what they could to refit and rearm their armies, claiming countless unwilling denizens of the galaxy as slave soldiers ready for indoctrination. Their success of their endeavors was slow and time consuming, bearing fruit only after great laboring effort. It would take time before the galactic superpower could once again resume their conquests, or even hope to challenge the galaxy once more.

In this coming AGE OF HUNGER plotted by MORI and her CHAMPIONS, the ALLIANCE RESPONDED with RETRIBUTION, invading EMPRESS TETA to reclaim what was once theirs. Stripping what they could before, the MAW began to abandon it's claim over the world before the arrival of the Alliance Navy. Gehinnom II fell, the MAW's loosened grip on Teta shattered. This was a blow to the marauders and dark cultists, but a necessary play to the farseeing Dark Lord who wanted MORE.

Dispatching the Wrath of the Maw to the borders of the Eternal Empire and the edges of the galaxy, KYREL REN began seizing military might from all worlds in his reach. Emboldening their powerbase for an inevitable showdown with the ASHLANS and ETERNALS, with a showdown on Panatha to come.

Short answer, come on':


The Brotherhood of the Maw is engaging it's enemies on a grand scale using it's revitalized military might. Engaging foes in a grand sweep of 'waves' and strategic strikes, the Brotherhood hopes to plunge a dagger into the heart of those who wounded it. With expansion to the north reaching towards Nirauan, replenishing forces emboldening the Core Worlds for a strike towards METELLOS, a dangerous gathering of galactic powers around the Epicanthix homeworld of PANATHA, and finally the long awaited rivalry between the DEATH'S HAND and the ENCLAVE, with the entirety of the Brotherhood summoning their wrath on the Mandalorians for their trangressions.. arriving deep into the Outer Rim to strike at ROTHANA and burn all worlds enroute to the capital of the ENCLAVE.


For the fiercest fighting yet of the Second Great Hyperspace War. The New Sith Order ready, desiring a second chance to destroy their lifelong enemies in the New Jedi Order. The Death's Hand sharpen their spears, eager to spill their fellow Mandalorians' blood as the schism becomes WAR. FEEL the Wrath of the Maw as he descends upon the Eternals, spilling blood with his armies. The SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR RAGES ON...