Today was a day of progress.
When Danger Arceneau asked me if Incom would be participating in January's Expo and Auction, my eyes honestly went wide with a touch of panic, as I hadn't yet taken stock of things. So, I did. I don't want to miss out on that, now do I?
So, I took a look around, and it was clear some things slipped in general upkeep, but I can hardly fault my predecessor for that! They had a lot going on, and would probably still be running this show if not for that. It's the way of things. So, given that, there was a few things I accomplished today in the steep-seeming climb to understand and manage such a company when I had hid in unrealistic fear of the Factory as a whole, and had never dealt with this 'company' stuff before. A tier four canon company, whose most well-known product is traditionally a symbol of the fight of good versus evil. No pressure, right? It gets better, it really does. Bit by bit. Anyways, here's what I got up to...
1) Updating the affiliations of products: Products were left un-updated after relationships with a couple of factions were severed. Life happens, ne? Anyways, there's now a list in the Starship Modifications thread of at least ten Incom products that needed this update. Doing this made the Factory Admin cry. Sorry/not sorry, Spencer Jacobs. We do what we must.
2) Put up a new storefront: New owner, new face on things. Though I didn't add much, copy-pasting some things from the old storefront meant a bunch of re-formatting due to the formatting code and copypasta not being very good friends. Tedious, but tedious and I get along. This made me feel a lot more like the corporation is truly mine, once it was done with. I'll likely tinker more, later on, but this'll do for now.
Still, I feel like there are things missing, so if there's a government contract not in my list that should be (I think I'm looking at you, SSC), and you have proof, then do let me know, please.
3) Updated the prices in the product list: Did you see the prices that used to be on Incom's product? Well, let me put it this way: when a fighter is supposed to be affordable, when it is touted as the backbone of many a navy, the price should reflect that! So, that's what I did. Visit Incom's storefront to see the updated prices. They're really a lot more reasonable.
4) Tier advancement: Info gathering! Trawling through what my predecessors have done, vis-à-vis Incom, and seeing what's already been done that can contribute to advancement. I still have a bit to go through, but there's some stuff that checks the boxes, already, from a 'cursory' glance. The real silver lining is that there's less work for me, on this!
Well, that's all for now!
That X-Wing Guy