With the new concept for Techno Union game play, there are a few things I need but may throw on the staff or anyone that wants Corey-love
1) Organize the list of corporations, what they do, where they're located (In TU space), and who they employ
2) Create a list of criminal organizations, both NPC for flavor and player run. Find where they operate, how they operate, who they employ and who they're targettng
3) See if there are any silent corporate warfare situations going on WITHIN or outside-to-in with the TU
4) Brodown
5) Clear up threads on Token Waters, work on bringing in her Brubreen retcon
6) Finish Invasion
7) Clear up Coren Starchaser threads, hunt down Aing-Tii
8) Meld Marek and Peregrus muses, work with Arctis Genetics and iBorg to cyberpunk out Marek Starchaser --- Burn his Force connection?