Q: What is this?
A: Only The Strong is a campaign set during the Second Great Hyperspace War detailing the shadow and total war raging across the galaxy outside of the INVASION events.

Q: How does this relate to the board?
A: The campaign provides an IN for any faction or character wanting to participate in the SGHW. The Brotherhood of the Maw is at WAR with the galaxy, their New Sith Order seeks to destroy every last Jedi along with the Knights of the Empire.

Q: How can I participate?
A: This is not a Brotherhood of the Maw ONLY event, this is intended to help paint a setting for others to run with in any number of threads. Whether you are a bounty hunter collecting on Solipsis's offer, a Jedi Knight fighting the New Sith Order, or a Imperial Stormtrooper fighting in the trenches against the marauding hordes of the Brotherhood's tribes. The sky is the limit, PC characters will be attempting to contact others to jump in threads to ambush other characters, anyone is allowed to use the Brotherhood of the Maw as NPC's as attacks occur across the galaxy. Factions can paint stories of their own as worlds burn, people suffer, and the galaxy buckles under the weight of total war.

This campaign is to help add even more flavor to the SGHW and allow smaller threads to build up to invasions to add further drama/weight.
Any questions? Reach out and we will be sure to answer.