WARNING. The first part of this blog post is silly, the second gets dark pretty quick and stays there.

So over the last couple of days I've been a little off posting-wise. Let's see if another blog post warms me up any.

This was meant to be another awful character concept but somewhere on the way I found something I liked. So instead I will start with a brief awful idea and move onto the one I found interesting if intimidating.

Ace Beast Hunter Randall Trout,

He's a ageing Mon Calamari specialist.

Over years of parties and warfare in the artillery his hearing has suffered greatly. Now he busies himself with the are of pest control, here to kill all of your wamp rats and mynocks with good old fashion equipment.

"What's that Mr Trout?"




Anyway. That's a hell of a poor idea for a character. It's an even worse idea for a poor poor joke.

So lets talk about what I am tentatively calling Prototype IX. Last warning - this part is not a nice story.

“Teaching a Robot to love”
- Unknown scholar, cards against humanity.

In Tia's background I explain that she was captured, tested and forced to fight by the Sith during early childhood years. I never actually specified why so as to let anyone that wanted to claim responsibility do so and thus creat some interesting links.

Since then the problem bothered me more and more. I've thought about it and a skeleton of a plot came into my head, one that started to show some promise.

It started with a pretty basic nightmare. This was the first draft based on a note to myself..

The Sith's experiment connected to Tia's past torture.

Promising Force user youths selected for testing. Following the completion of a phase of trials and tribulations, successful surviving candidates dissected following stress testing.

That seemed pretty dark to me, and the darker the better in my mind.

Testing continues to experiment with the limits of the force and the flesh, how little of a person need be left for the force to survive?

Subjects are pruned of extraneous parts, replacing the vital systems with mechanical counterparts.

Eventually as less and less of the subject remains the Sith scientist finds herself testing on a brain and spinal cord wired up to a handful of devices to transmit impulses and keep the organ alive.

From here the Sith begins to build on her progress, developing the first upgrades to the sleeping organ, rewiring the brain with artificial sight receptors, the speech centres to an artificial voice box. Slowly each of the senses are rewired to artificial components, all but touch for now.

After much horrible torture and the loss of several potential organs she awakens one of her subjects.

It never stops screaming. She puts it to sleep once again and ponders for some time what to do next.

In the interim she is discovered and flees, taking her work with her. Destroying the lab and keeping her one remaining specimen.

She sets up elsewhere, fascinated by the potential of superior robotic slaves which she hopes to create with this research. Her next step is to find more potential candidates for prototypes, but that will take some time to arrange. In the mean time the masterful roboticist begins to build a basic exoskeleton in which to mount the brain, figuring that eventually it would require such things for future development.

The basic frame is little more than a droid chassis with a housing for the brain unit and its support.

Eventually she returns to testing, this time after coercing the efforts and knowledge of a renowned researched in the field of the brain and memory, and after some fairly horrifying experimentation found a reliable way to wipe the experiencial memories from the subject organ. The blank slate was then awoken, but it did not scream.

Testing continued. The blank slate was programmed with a mission to learn and obey, it was treated as a droid and learned a little of its world. A freak accident destroys the prototype I but by now the creator is ready to create a replacement batch. She has finished her screening process and the raw biological matter is there ready in the pens.

Prototypes II to VI are made tested to destruction and eventually discarded.

Prototype VII is stable, it receives the inherited memories transferred from its predecessors and the new droid casing is an advanced model, an androgynous humanoid of unique design capable of complex tasks. This casing is modular and the creation can be modified to fulfil certain roles or replace defunct parts. The creature is eventually even instructed to fashion its own replacement parts given appropriate time and equipment.

But the creation is never ever told of its origins, and no plans are ever made available to it to replace or even investigate the nature of its own central processing system.

Eventually it begins to show early signs of individuality, and independent thought deviating from the rules given at creation.

VIII is created to test interactions between the prototypes, and to assess usability as a unit.

VII immediately kills VIII to investigate the nature and functionality of VIII's central processing unit. Shortly after this VII is wiped and stored.

Finally we come to Prototype IX.

IX is created as the others before, and witnesses the Sith's near capture at the hands of the Jedi, it escapes dragging the dying body of its creator away from the burning lab as the child Tia'Ilandra Shaasa and other captives at the Sith's pit are rescued by the Jedi.

So what is an advanced cyborg prototype with nothing but time on its hands to do? Learn to be, become a personality, upgrade - ever upgrade.

And that is as far as I got in this Macabre story of cyber-nonsense far.

My concerns with ever writing the character prototype IX are as follows...

That's probably a hell of a tech submission, and I have never done any of that on here.

It's probably some form or lore submission. And I have never done that.

It probably needs dev threads and I have not got a sith cyberneticist lying around to do that with, and I have never done one of those before either.

Anyway, theirs today's thoughts.. maybe that will clear my writers block.