If you stick around Chaos long enough, you're bound to here about "the clique."
Nailing down exactly who or what THE CLIQUE (it feels more ominous when you use caps lock) is can be tricky, since no two rosters will align perfectly, and the influence of THE CLIQUE varies from telling to telling. According to some, they're an Illuminati-like cabal that holds the keys to the kindgom and have a stranglehold on major RP storylines. According to others, they're a bunch of elitist old timers who spend too much time jerking each other off to worry about little things like exercising power. Still others view their version of THE CLIQUE as something like celebrities, the titans of Chaos who are the very peak of RP perfection.
In reality, things are at once a lot simpler and a lot more complicated.
Complicated because there are no less than three groups that might be considered THE CLIQUE, depending on your point of view. Possibly as many as five or six if you really want to split hairs. It's kinda fuzzy because there's a lot of overlap in spots, which is why I'm hesitant to name an exact number.
Some of these groups do contain folks with tremendous personal power or influence in the realm of Chaos, so it's easy to see how the conspiracies got started. The thing is, these groups themselves aren't inherently bad for the site. They aren't inherently good either, but what they are is natural.
Here's the thing: certain types of people will always end up in the center of things, whether they like it or not. Some are naturally charismatic, and tend to make friends easily. Some folks are ambitious, and attract others who seek power. Still others are just natural