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Intent: To create a usable weapon for Zoey Marix, as well as provide a symbol for the troops she commands, and surround herself in a guise of her religion.
Development Thread: Will work on them (many threads)
Manufacturer: Zoey, others who helped in the threads.
Model: Blade of the Gods, AKA Omega Sword
Affiliation: Zoey Marix - The Moross Crusade
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
  • Bone of a Night hunter,
  • Hide of a Tentraneck,
  • Ruusan Copper,
  • Silver,
  • Cryastium
Classification: Longsword
Size: One handed & Two handed
Length: Total length of 1.2 meters (about 3'11")
Weight: 2.4 kgs.
  • Cut through most materials, Armors are harder to do the same with
  • Dissipates blaster shots (does not deflect or reflect)
  • Lightsaber resistance
  • Becomes a plain sword when in a Force nullification area.
  • Long for Zoey’s size
  • Very expensive to make, even if there is only one.
Hearing from the myths of the Moross Crusade, there was only one way to rid her name of being a damsel of the Crusade. That was to find the Omega Sword. Said to be at the top of the highest mountain, Zoey went and traveled to such a place on Exocron. However, the sword was not there. There was no alter in which the sword was placed, there were no souls watching it of who had tried before. There was nothing but rocks, frost, and dirt. Form this, Zoey still wanted to find the sword. For the time being, Zoey descended the mountain and get another wave of disappointment by not “Reaching the top” because of mechanical failure of her gear. This is where she will create a sword to rectify her namesake.

A Sword created by Zoey for the use of a main weapon, as well as creating a symbol for her troops and others within the crusade. Tying in with the mythology of the sword, she used the many stories of the sword forged by the gods for Mortal use. Using all of the materials listed above, Night hunter bone is used for the grip for it to be lighter than a resin wood, or a different metal. The tentrenteck’s hide is used as a wrap around the grip as well as the sheath. Both are for the same reason of not allowing other force users take the blade from the sheath via the force, or from Zoey’s hand, or the ground when in a fight.

The pommel, rings, and guard are made out of Ruusan Copper, while the blade is forged from a Silver, and Cryastium composite metal that is very sharp, and durable. With the use of Force-imbue, the sword blade, and guard/pommel/rings are made to be lightsaber resistance. The after effect of this blade is that when in the hands of Zoey, it emits a crimson flame along the edge resembling blood of Ithari’s thousands of souls. While the pure silver blade has a blue tint that is very reflective. In fact, to the point where it is a mirror when looked into.

With the creation of the sword, Zoey can wield it with two hands, or with one hand. When with two, Zoey has enough grip space to allow her hands to slide and effectively use a form of slashing. Using the upper hand, (hand closest to the guard) and pushing towards the slash while the lower hand (hand closest to the pommel) to pull away from the slashing direction. This causes the tip of the blade to move at higher velocities to cut through thicker material such as light armors, and even bone with ease. This form of use was utilized by Samurai and a katana. With the longer grip, Zoey can do one better by letting her upper hand slide down to the bottom hand increasing the force, but losing some accuracy with the strike.

In one hand, Zoey can use her shield should she want to, or even pull out a second weapon. While Zoey can use it one handed, she doesn't do it often as she losses accuracy with her hits, losses power to cut through objects, as well as it will be harder for her to handle as with two hands. When in the use of one hand, her placement of said hand will be close to the top, above, or at the first ring.

While the rings are not truly needed, they help when in a battle. Instead of using guesswork or looking down at the grip to make sure that you are holding it correctly, the rings are lifted above the hide and bone grip. This allows for quick calculation on where her hands are. Above the first ring is where her upper hand goes when in two handed use, or when in one handed use. The lower two rings are there to indicate where her bottom hand goes, as well as provide more of a grip on the hide. Zoey does not rely on this in combat, but merely uses this as a tool in battle to give her even the slightest of advantages.

A sword created by the Gods and Goddess of the Great Hall of the Moross Crusade for the soul purpose of giving power to the wielder when in battle, as well as being a symbol of Hope, Justice, and Protection from the Foes of the Crusade. The story goes that the Aesir Neth had discovered a way to forge a blade that is indestructible and can be used against the forces that went against the Gods and Goddess. With this knowledge, He went to the other gods and gave the idea of creating a sword to be used by the Mortals of the Galaxy to fight in their place. The Parthenon came to a conclusion to create this sword.

The four Goddess and Gods of Neth, Ithari, Kalee, and Salee went out to collect the materials for this said sword. With Neth giving them the information for what they sought, Ithari gathered a drop of blood from a thousand souls he had killed, Kalee was sought to gather bone from a beast that had returned from Surkesh, Salee was to gather the tears of an Aesir, while Neth was to find the Roots of a Mountain, and the Wings of the sky. From these materials, Neth instructed Salee on how to correctly forge the blade. It took the time of three thousand years to set in the materials found. From this, Ithari was to dip the forged sword into the blood of thousands. With the power of the Gods, the sword absorbed the blood, and was blessed by Inari to bring peace and tranquility to the Crusade.

It was then that Aatrox sought the blade. He wanted to use the blade for himself and his followers. He used his gathering to go and steal the blade and to gather enough power to come into the Mortal world, even if there was already three mortal gods. However, Neth as well as Inari, Liad, Thral, and Erebos used their combined powers to sanctify the sword to not allowed to be in the hands of any god, be it Mortal or in the Great Hall. For if a God would have control of the blade, it would surely give them enough power to take over all nine other gods.

Thus, as Aatrox had stolen the blade, he was not allowed to have possession of it. By Kalee’s hand was the sword taken back, and thrust into the mortal realm where it would become imbedded in the highest mountain on Exocron. Where only few mortals could ever reach, would be given a chance to take the sword in the name of their God and defend the Crusade. It is here that Zoey enters the story as she is the few who venture up this mountain. With the recent events of her being a Damsel in distress, she sets to find and retrieve the sword so she will prove that she is not her title.

Once reaching the summit of the mountain, She reached for the sword only to be stopped by the souls of those who tried to get it. Each of them warning her that by using the sword, she will never ascend to a Goddess’s glory, and will be forever just a Champion of the Crusade. Zoey did not want to become a Goddess. She wanted to be a Mortal woman who despite being as such, to contend with the Gods. Drawing the sword as though she were simply picking it up, Zoey was attacked on all sides of the souls. Wanting the blade for themselves. She used her newly taken sword, to defend herself. Fighting off the souls till the last one, A follower of Neth by the name of Exatross, deemed himself the guardian of the summit.

Zoey then descended the mountain proving that she was not who everyone thought she was, and would use the sword to aid the Gods who ruled in the Mortal realm, as well as use the sword for the intentions and reasons, why the sword was created by the gods.

This is still a Major work in progress. More will be added, or taken away depending upon other's ideas, the actual creation of the sword, as well as the threads leading up to the creation. If you have any qualms, or concerns of the sword, please post. Challenge me every step of the way.