[background=[b]NAME:[/b] Olivander Lawrence Cardiff​
[background=[b]FACTION:[/b] TBD​
RANK:[background= TBD[/font]​

[background=[b]SPECIES:[/b] Human​
AGE:[background= 62 GSY[/font]​

SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 5' 8'' | 173 cm
WEIGHT: 163 lbs | 74 kg
EYES:[background= Dark Brown[/font]​

HAIR:[background= Black[/font]​

SKIN:[background= Fair[/font]​



  • Diplomatic: Olivander has a way with words, his intent always towards diplomacy over conflict. Conflict is good, however violent conflict should never be the first choice - much preferred is the arena of the mind. A capable negotiator and mediator, he is careful of his demeanor and responses.
  • Open Minded: Unlike some, he is extremely open minded, treating all with respect. Though he may disagree with someone, he is always cautious, willing to try and view the situation from multiple points of view so he can better understand and address the issue at hand.
  • Indomitable Spirit: Never one to give up, if he sets his mind to something it is rare indeed that he will let it go. Some might call him obsessed, driven, or even haunted - but truthfully it is his indomitable will towards progress that gives him the ability to lead, to capture an audience, and to work with a wide range of personalities and ideological groups.
  • The Many over The Few: His mind first goes towards the greatest good. What he does, he does for the people, sometimes at great sacrifice to himself. To do the greatest good for the most amount of people is always the path he'd rather take, even if it contradicts his own personal beliefs. This has the potential to put him in compromising positions.
  • Liquor Aficionado: He's taken a liking to the booze and while he's rarely intoxicated, he can almost always be sure to be the first one to offer a drink at any social occasion. It's become one of his guilty pleasures, and when not in the public eye, even something as simple as alcohol can take its toll on the body.
  • Not a Fighter: There isn't a bone in his body that would survive the rigors of combat. Born to a family of pacifists, he's taken a step forward in recognizing that sometimes force must be met with force, however it won't be him lifting a finger, he'll leave that to those more suited for the job. He has next to no self defense or weapons training aside from what he's seen in holo-films.
  • Age has taken its toll on the man, no longer is he a young man however his eyes are alight with an energy not oft found in men of his age. Though on the downhill track of his life, he maintains a healthy regimen of exercise and activity to keep both his body and mind sharp. Some say he has an almost grandfatherly like aura, others say he appears sinister, but usually it all depends on what side of the aisle you're on. Olivander maintains a clean appearance, his shaved scalp and well trimmed facial hair positively indicating he's a man who takes care of himself, and though there are certainly times that are trying, he can often be found with a smile across his features. Standing a mere 5' 8'' he isn't particularly imposing, though one who has fallen at the receiving end of his gaze might say otherwise.
  • Olivander has witnessed much throughout his life. The rise and fall of several empires, plagues and wars ravaging the galaxy. Not too long ago the Core itself was overrun by raiders and remnants of the One Sith, though largely those days are over. War has broken out on several fronts, the most recent of these an attempt to eradicate the galaxy of all organic life. In a galaxy full of chaos, a new idea has begun to take hold in the minds of the victims of repeated horrors, a desire for peace, strength, independence. Why do some planets matter while others are left to the devices of evil? Why do the cries of the hunted and broken go unheard? It's something that drives Olivander, protecting the weak, gathering together in hopes that they can provide some semblance of order and safety amongst the chaos of the greater galaxy.

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