Minister of Security, Office of Moff Dante Calgar
First Order Security Bureau

853 ABY

In reply, please refer to
File No. 200481-13


To the citizens of the First Order and to the Galaxy,
This shall serve as notice and official endorsement from the Office of the Minister of Security, Moff Calgar. As laid out in the Imperial Bloc Treaty of 853 ABY, the Security Bureau will be issuing several directives in the coming months, however several edicts will be implemented immediately.

Under the authority of the First Order Security Bureau on behalf of the Supreme Leader, Sieger Ren, the following edicts are hereby implemented.

1. First Order Citizens are required to render proof of citizenship when prompted by all First Order governing authorities and enforcement agencies.
i. Documentation which validates citizenship must be carried at all times. Those who are unable to render the required identification will be detained until such a time as they can be identified. If you do not currently have a form of certified identification, one can be issued to you by the state, free of charge.
ii. To register or request official documents, you will be required to show proof of citizenship by form of birth certificate and a photo ID. If any additional documents are required of you by the State, that will be disclosed upon initial certification of your produced documents.

2. A Curfew on all First Order Home System worlds is now in effect. All citizens and visitors must be within the confines of a private domicile by no later than 0200 local time.
i. Any citizens or non-citizens found in violation of this directive are subject to prosecution under First Order law.
ii. Exceptions will be permitted, provided the proper paperwork is filed with the Home Office and a supplementary ID is issued containing the documents that will display the holder's exemption to curfew.

3. All non-citizens will be issued an identifying badge upon entry into First Order space. Non-citizens will be required to wear this badge visibly at all times. Failure to abide by this directive may result in imprisonment, fines, or subject to penalties as defined under First Order Law.


The above directives are effective immediately upon receipt and will be enforced according to First Order Law and the First Order Security Bureau. All questions or concerns regarding the aforementioned directives can be forwarded to the First Order Security Bureau Office of Community Affairs: 12 Forselle Dr., Avalonia, Dosuun.

Published by the Office of the Minister of Security, Moff Dante Calgar.