So... yeah. I know there is a lot of talk surrounding Roche. It happens with each invasion. For me, I think the story that's evolving from it is amazing. Sure, each story has it's bumps along the way. But overall, I think this Invasion is turning into some stellar storyteling. I might not know what's going on in every single duel or battle, bit for those I have been following though the course of the thread, they are just... amazing.
I know initially there was some that thought we were just out to smack around the GR. That's not the point of it. It is not OOCly motivated at all. It is an in character continuation of the events chronicled in the thread where Genevieve Lasedrie attempts to seize and nationalize company assets not owned by the GR. The thread was born out of an idea of [member="Captain Larraq"]. It was was originally intended to be the precursor to the Mandalorian Faction Story Arc which we announced at the beginning of January.
Now that's it's been running for a few days, we've all seen how the story of it has evolved. And overall, I have to say that I am quite impressed with it. It may not be panning out exactly as anyone thought it might, but it is interesting nonetheless. I've had the opportunity to watch a lot of characters grow and evolve, even in as short of a time as this.
Keep up the great stories :)