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[background=Before I begin, I would like to note wholly of my ties to the Jedi Order. I am writing this excerpt purely on my own observations and understanding of all matters relating to the Force. This is to include all aspects of it, as much as I am sure my counterparts would like to ignore the existence of the Bogan.[/size]

[background=In recent studies, I have turned my attention to the Sith. Both the Sith we know today, and the Sith of old.[/size]

[background=The stories go that the Sith were created by Jedi Outcasts that fled to Korriban. This may be true, and it may be not, any information I might have scrounged on the subject has since been lost. [/size]

[background=We can all thank the Gulag plague for that.[/size]

[background=Regardless, the Sith have been starting Empires for thousands of years. Each time, they rose to challenge the Republic, and each time, they failed. Their true victory came with the Jedi Purge under Chancellor Palpatine’s rule, or rather, his Sith alter ego. [/size]

[background=I have found this to be quite curious. Palpatine had no great Empire to topple the Republic; he simply made it his own. Where thousands of individual warriors had failed, one man had succeeded. [/size]

[background=I thought that Palpatine may have been the fated Sith’ari, but further research has led me to believe otherwise. Rather, trailing back farther to the Dark Ages of the Republic bore fruit. The Sith were united in this period under a single Lord, though his name is lost to me.[/size]

[background=For the first time, the Sith truly stood as one against the Republic, and the Jedi Lords were pushed to the breaking point. Indeed, the Army of Light would have surely failed, were it not for the rash misuse of a monstrous technique by the head of the Sith. The entirety of the Brotherhood of Darkness was obliterated, along with a marginal force of the Jedi Lords and their underlings.[/size]

[background=This led to the destruction of the Jedi Lords and their holdings as a whole, which I will cover in another report.[/size]

[background=The Sith were extinct, the Republic was victorious. Yet, looking into the tombs on Korriban and digging through old pockets of information has informed me of the truth. A single Sith by the name of Darth Bane survived.[/size]

[background=This Sith Lord is what I would aptly call the Sith’ari, for he was the Sith Order’s salvation. Were it not for him, we would have no more Sith. Bane saw the flaw of Empires and legions of Darksiders. He understood that the Darkside was not meant to be spread, but stored into one vassal; one dark champion to use it to its full extent.[/size]

[background=Bane went on to found the Rule of Two. Most people with a mind for history now know the Rule of Two, but few understand the significance of it. [/size]

[background=The Darkside of the force was truly contained in these two beings. Two mortal creatures it chose to champion its desires, rather than a legion of children muddying its power with their presence.[/size]

[background=Bane understood it all too well. Where the Jedi stand strong in number as the Light blesses those who would worship it, the Sith are to be solitary creatures. One cannot rule when others who stake claim to the throne still breath, after all.[/size]

[background=This is why the Jedi always succeeded at first. This is why they failed when Palpatine, Bane’s legacy, pulled the wool under their eyes. A single Sith and his apprentice managed to topple the entirety of the Jedi Order. Some would say through trickery, and while that is wholly true, the true reasoning is far more intriguing.[/size]

[background=They had no rivals. They had nothing to hold them back. They could channel the Darkside in its rawest form, the way it should be used, and crushed all who stood against them. I have turned my back on the ways of the Sith, and have commited my life to serving the Light, but there is something to be admired about that.[/size]

[background=This brings me to my final point. There is a reason the Sith was have fought will never truly win. To put it simply, they are not the refined Sith that toppled our order. These are the ancient Sith reborn; cunning, strong in the Darkside, murderers, but muddied.[/size]

[background=They spread their powers to those who could never hope to attain the title of Sith Lord. True Sith Lords, not the young men and women they give the title now to gain prestige. [/size]

[background=A Sith Lord does not show mercy. A Sith Lord knows that loyalty is a lie. A Sith Lord knows that honor is a chain holding them back from success. A Sith Lord serves the Dark Side and his or herself. Not a false god, a ‘Dark Lord’, or their fellow Sith.[/size]

[background=We have yet to meet one of these Sith in recent times.[/size]

[background=There are some that come close. Vulcanus would have made good for it, had he not employed the use of lesser acolytes and allowed the other Sith to play political games with him.[/size]
[background=Vornskr is a threat, to be sure, but he is not what I fear. Slaughtering thousands does not make you the Sith that could overthrow the Republic, not truly.[/size]

[background=The One Sith as a whole resemble this, but will utterly fail in the end. They followsthe pattern of old Empires, and they are not true Sith. No, the One Sith more closesly resemble a perverse version of the Jedi Order, and a flawed one at that.[/size]

[background=The final perfect evolution of the Sith slaughtered our Order, and stole the Republic. They did not crush it--they took it from us. Had Palpatine been more careful in his maneuvering, we may still have been under an Imperial banner to this day. [/size]

[background=The Republic cannot be crushed. It will continue to rise up in new iterations. To destroy the Republic, you must turn it. Take it, manipulate it, darken its heart and shape its very soul into your vision of grandeur. Then, much like the Sith themselves, there will be no turning back.[/size]

-Cyril Greyson