Jacen didn't know many particularly difficult powers. He wasn't an exceptional teacher. Neither was he one of the greatest swordsmen. So when it came to putting down some thoughts for a great holocron entry he put down some thoughts he thought most cocksure padawans could do with reciting daily.
Sometimes Jedi get the benefit of working just with their peers or with veteran commandos. In small groups working together even the most green Knight can usually keep enough situational awareness to be in the right place. Sometimes this isn't the case.
Jedi often don't spend the greatest amount of time at the pointy end. Yet sometimes they're called upon to join the battlefront of a large invasion. Sometimes you won't get the benefit of calm heads all around. You might be working with eighteen year old kids who've been marching for days, haven't eaten or drunk enough and are currently nearing the end of the seventy two hour battlefield mission. Here are some of my thoughts on making yourself useful:
DO take your battlenet comm unit with you. Voice is king on the battlefield and this will also allow your commanders to see where you are on their screens
DO NOT run off in front of your unit. It’s an exceptionally fast way to die from ‘blaster bolt to the back’
DO study company level tactics. Understand how your fellow soldiers will maneuver, breaking down into increasingly small units as they close, until working as fire teams.
DO NOT run off on your own without asking if it is a sensible thing to do. If you’re told not to enter a specific area it could be mined, or being targeted by indirect fire.
DO use the resources at hand to understand the enemy before entering battle. The military have significant information on the capabilities of enemy vehicles and weapons.
DO NOT activate your saber when moving forward with soldiers in the sight of an enemy in a defensive position. You’ll suddenly mark yourself as top threat and priority target and bring down a world of pain on your nearest allies.
DO hold back with your men when fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. They will close on you and you're best placed to deal with them at close quarters. Try and draw them into a charge over open ground where repeater fire can bring them down safely.
DO NOT try to draw fire unless you are well away from the rest of your squad. You might have a lightsaber, but the enemy might not be able to hit the broad side of a barn. Trying to draw fire can make you very unpopular with the survivors of your unit.
DO NOT play the mystic in front of the soldiers. They want to know they can trust you to have their back, and don’t really care about how the Force works in mysterious ways. If you can explain what you’re doing in twenty words or less, do it.
DO take personal offense to grenades thrown in your general direction. If the men know that you’ll sling grenades back towards the enemy with the Force, that’s one less thing they have to worry about. And if you can make a big show of blowing up the guy that threw the grenade, you can discourage further attempts to employ thrown explosives from the enemy.
DO NOT let the men see you sweat. If you start to panic, they’ll start to panic. Fear and uncertainty are not luxuries you’re allowed to indulge in. Remember the Code, remember your training, and keep your wits about you.