Welcome to boot-camp. Todays topic is about Force users and how to give them a really bad day. I hear people complain about how OP FUs are... specifically from those who dont play force users which is their preference and i cant bash that.
There is almost too much tech out their that can make your NFU an equal to a FU.
Everything I list is Canon via Legends or w/e. Im not listing ChaosTech too. Make sure you wiki this stuff.
  1. Whats your Species? Your characters race alone will make a difference if you chose wisely.
Here are some Examples of Very strong species that can match a force sensitive person in some way.
  • Falleen
  • Gen'dai
  • Hutts <-- Only if they are fit and not over weight
  • Yuuzhan Vong
  • Vaathkree <--- If they are made of some type of energy resistant mineral
  • Polydroxol
  • Droids/Cyborg <---- Too many possibilities. Ill expand another time why they can be so OP.
  • Shi'ido
  • Tof
  • Charon
  • Bartokk
  • Yinchorri
  • Epicanthix
  • Trandoshan or Wookie?
  • Dashade
  • Iskalloni

2. Weapons. Lets move on to the good stuff.
  • Particle-beam guns
  • Vongtech period.
  • Slugthrowers with elemental ammo. Shotguns ftw
  • Sonic weapons. Genosian sonic weapons pwn btw
  • Ionic weapons
  • Concussion rifles
  • Charric rifles <-- Chiss Master Race
  • Verpine shatter gun
  • Disruptors
  • Turbolasers. For those fleeters
  • Flamethrowers
  • Any old blaster on stun setting. Cant be blocked by saber.
  • Arc caster
  • Grenades. There are too many to list
  • E-Web Rifle or any heavy blaster

  • Phrik
  • Cortosis
  • Beskar
  • Ultrachrome
  • You all know the basic stuff^^
  • Molecular-Shielding..personalized. Protects against all Kinetic and Energy attacks
  • Xythan force shielding..personalized. Absorbs all Energy and redirects it
  • Terantatek hide Alchemized
  • Vongtech
  • Kimogila hide
  • Fireworm hide
  • Giant Walking Fish hide
  • Cloaking tech
  • The countless Chaos factory tech...

Soo many options and combinations to pick from. And with the new factory rules one could just go hog wild! But remember the point is be get on equal ground or stand prepared. There are some force abilities that can go around such tech.
Examples of force counters
  • Shaping... its OP and goes around almost everything
  • Mechu-deru.
  • yeah..

Thats all i could think of atm. Enjoy