I haven't used this holodiary in some time. Thought it would be good to record this just in case. Anything could happen.

The galaxy remains fractured. Halcyon disappeared. The rest of the Councilors made peace with the Fringe. Now, their agents steal Jedi such as one of my former students to torture information out of them. The dark side grows even stronger within the Fringe - enabled by Ashin Varanin despite her words on O'reen. The Confederacy grows unchecked as well as enabling the growth of the dark side.

War is inevitable so long as the galaxy remains divided as it is, and I don't see the Council working to bring the Force in balance with the Fringe and Confederacy harboring dark siders that prey on our citizens with inhibition. Something is wrong.

I'll find the source of this complacency. I'll bring them to justice just as I did with the Graug - even at the cost of my life. For the Order and the Republic, I will give everything and anything.

I will see to the end of these chaotic days of the galaxy.

First though, I'll investigate those that are kidnapping Jedi. Find any relation they might have with spies in the Republic and root them out. Log my results in this diary.