ZHU is one of those artists that keeps hitting me with absolutely fantastic tunes out of nowhere, even if I should expect it by now. Except for GENERATIONWHY, because hot take I really don't like that album, his releases are consistently solid. The Genesis Series is great, with Automatic easily being my favorite on it, singles such as Dreams and Blame which are collaborations with Nero and Ekali respectively have been played on repeat for entire days, and now this amazing new album is another addition to his list of simply good music.
(And yes, I know Faded. It's a fine song, but definitely not his best work. Fight me.)
RINGOS DESERT is a return to the roots for ZHU, showcasing a style very reminiscent to his earliest tracks. Setting this apart from it however are the intangible things a producer picks up over time, making it a more polished product when you look at it as a singular piece of work. I always love the vocals in his tracks and from the production side of things he nailed it once again, creating a very unique atmosphere. The almost-ethereal synths he uses throughout the tracks pair up with that very well and together they make the signature sound that is present from start to finish.
Picking out a single favorite track is difficult to do, so I won't. What I do know though is that Stormy Love, Guilty Love, and Provocateur definitely make up the top 3. Every single song is solid on their own, however. If a more abstract style of music is your thing, I would highly recommend you check it out.