It's been eight years since Drink the Sea, an album that to this day has a prominent spot in my personal list of essential albums when it comes to electronic music. It is a beautifully crafted masterpiece with a sound that sets it apart from its peers and despite the fact the overall production quality of the genre has gone up drastically since it still more than holds up in that category in 2018. Although I did not discover The Glitch Mob until 2013, around the time the first single of Love Death Immortality was released, Can't Kill Us, it did not damped my love for the album in the slightest.
In 2014 they released the aforementioned album called Love Death Immortality, but overall it was pretty disappointing. While Can't Kill Us still featured some elements of their previous album, the rest was almost like a watered down version of their signature style. The subtlety and attention to detail Drink the Sea had was simply not there, leaving me wanting. It was a letdown.
Flash forward to May 4th, 2018. Their third album by the name of See Without Eyes is finally here after four years of waiting. The singles leading up to it were great and gave the impression we would once more be treated to a rich musical experience and quickly my agenda had the release date marked: '**** YES GLITCH MOB ALBUM DAY'.
Like I always do with albums like this I took a few days to listen to it a number of times and let it sink in to really get a feel for it. Now that I am confident that my mind is made up, I can draw only one conclusion.

This album is an absolute masterpiece.

See Without Eyes is the worthy successor to Drink the Sea that Love Death Immortality simply didn't live up to. This is the kind of music that is deserving of the term 'art'. It's an album that demands you to sit down and actually *listen*. This isn't background music, it's an experience not many within the electronic music scene can deliver. The beauty is found in the details, the many layers of sounds that harmonize in the most beautiful of ways, the breathtaking synths, the fantastic vocal performances, and how all of it comes together to create, like I already said, an absolute masterpiece.
Set an hour aside, put on a good pair of headphones, and take a listen without distractions. You will not regret it.