Savant has been one of my favorite artists ever since I got into electronic music. I got drawn in by albums such as Alchemist, ISM and Vario due to their chaotic, unconventional and often hyperactive style. The craziest thing about them is that they all came out in the same year of 2012. He actually released four albums that year, the fourth being Overworld. His later albums were still good, I enjoyed albums like Cult and ZION quite a bit, but they just weren't as good. Orakel was kind of meh and Protos had a fun gimmick but didn't really stand out. Things started looking up again in my personal opinion when Invasion came out, which had the absolutely amazing Dreamscape on it, and Vybz, which came out last year, was also pretty decent.
Now we have Jester, and I absolutely love this album. It's that 2012 Savant that I loved so much with a 2017 twist that keeps it fresh and original. It's all over the place, it has 8-bit synths, fantastic drums and so many more amazing things that I fell in love the moment Once of Upon a Time started playing. I can't pick a favorite track from this, there are just too many amazing songs, but Villain, Jester, Cake and Surprise are definitely up there.
I just fething love Savant.