Image Source: Facebook
Intent: A personal weapon for Damien's son..
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Damien Daemon
Model: Nero's Trident
Affiliation: Samael Daemon
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Material: Leviathan Hide / Leviathan Fangs / Uller Bone
Classification: Trident
Size: Ambidextrous
Length: 1.98 m
Weight: 4.53 kg
Special Features:
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Resists Kinetic Damage
Once upon a time Damien had partaken in an Invasion that bore a Leviathan during its entirety. Near the end however, it was defeated simply to be left to rot; save Damien recovered a large chunk of hide, and even removed several teeth as well. He never knew why the Force guided him to do so, but it has become more and more obvious of late.
His son, though used to an alchemically altered blade, needed a weapon that could be dangerous enough to warrant wary from opposition. Such simply was not enough. Thus through conversation with the young man, he decided upon a Trident effect, having recently learned that there was a legend on Val'hala that stated Nero had one.
The make up of the weapon is quite amazing. Through the battle previously mentioned he obtained durable leather and large fangs, to which he measured then cut them to size, with the flesh being hardened to just as durable as all of his alchemy items. The teeth were first ground down to the sharpest point obtainable with just as wicked edging for slicing, then hardened as well.
This with the alchemically treated Uller bone as a binding shaft, was pieced together easily. Leather wrapped from bases to base, with the fangs atop. The result was a weapon capable of taking blows with little effect, while being nigh indestructible, and intensely sharp.