"In that last moment
she seemed as wholly luminescent as the Sun,
and I wished to be so brave."

Nephthys was a Witch Doctor of Haruun Kal who later relocated to the Maldrood Sector, New Holstice. According to galactic archives, she served with distinction as a military and political figure. The circumstances of her death remain largely unknown due to conflicting stories, a segment of one such story is quoted above. It is suspected she died sometime in the year of 893ABY. The Museum of New Holstice has since gained exclusive access to her personal journal after they were declassified in 925ABY.

Nephthys was known to be bull-headed and unwavering in her views, a weakness that held her back time and time again throughout her political career. Her journal and personal accounts made by associates tell that she was a driven woman, believing that no question should go unanswered. There was a saying among her friends, "Tell a Dark Jumper only a madman would go, tell Nephthys it's too complex."

Aside from her personal strengths and weaknesses, Nephthys was an arduous student of the Force. While her talent with the Force was exceptional, she lacked in hand-to-hand combat and ranged-combat, a downfall that was exploited time and time again by enemies of New Holstice. Above all else, Nephthys has proven an interesting study by the Museum, the following room holds Nephthys personal journal. Visitors are welcome to read.

[A plaque found beside a colored hologram of Nephthys in the New Holstice Museum, 926ABY]