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Name: Necrophims - Commonly known as Black Angels, and the Eternal Ones
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Netherworld of the Force/Chaos
Language: Necrotica
Average Lifespan: Unknown, though speculation of thousands of years though the oldest Necrophim to ever speak of their age was only 616 years old.
Estimated Population: Rare (100,000)
Average height of adults: 2-2.2 meters
Average length of adults: N/A
Skin color: Red, White, Tan, Black, Blue, Gray
Hair color: Some Necrophims have horns
Distinctions: Apart from their longevity, skin colors, and presences of horns, Necrophims also possess skull like face with no apparent mouths visible. They can also produce an aura that can give the image of black wings, and on rare occasions, red wings.
Breathes: Type 1
Strengths: Powerful both physically, and mentally, Necrophims are not easily tricked with mind games and attacks. They are very aggressive in battle, and are considered pretty shrewd to those who have interacted with them. They all have a strong connection to the force, and due to their birth being in the Netherworld, more specifically Chaos. Necrophims are highly charismatic, and have a keen sense of sword play and various other melee combats. They also possess a strong curiosity towards politics. Necrophims have the ability to teleport to and from their own special realms within the Netherworld. Each Nercophim has their own special realm via Rite of Claim.
Weaknesses: Self-Righteous beings, Necrophims see themselves as gods, if not some form of high deity deserving to be worshiped by lesser beings, this makes them just nasty creatures to speak to. They have a affinity to the darkside, though they do not see the force in colors, or aspects, this means that powers like Force Light will cause great harm to them. Necrophims have a very low population due to the lack of wanting to reproduce. These beings are also reclusive, and are technophobes. They are ignorant to the universe as they have been trapped in the Netherworld. Quick to be angered, and driven into a rage, Nerophims are known to attack without regards to their own well being.
Races: N/A
Diet: Life Energy of living beings
Communication: open channel telepathy (meaning anyone can hear it), Body posture
Culture: The Black Angels are a very strange culture, and horrific. They commune via royal aristocracy, ritualistically, and through rites. There are, from highest to lowest, the two Archons (these would be their kings and queens), the Princes and Princesses, Lords and Ladies, Knights, and then the everything below that they believe do not deserve a name. Eternal Ones have many laws that keep a somewhat mild peace between the Princes and Princesses, the ones who rule over large sums of their domain in the Netherworld.
Many of these laws require a rite to be initiated in order to overrule that law, such as wars. This example being the Rite of Hostility which requires that two warring princes to accept some form of ground terms for when the war will end be it a certain about of territory is taken, or possible deaths. Though it is very rare for Necrophims to kill one another.
Other laws consist of keeping out of what are considered "mortal" affairs, the war between the Sith and Jedi, the random events that happen in the universe. This was done mainly because of the concept that they believe they are gods, and were trapped in the Netherworld before portals opened up to it. They are also only beginning to understand the universe as is, thus their ambition is small, and more so on a level of curiosity. It was possible to summon on with rituals and blood sacrifice, and actually still is to those who know the Ritual of Conjuring. This is similar to some of the magics that the Sith do to bring certain creatures into their control.
Outside the culture of the Necrophims which can be considered dull and sloth like, the secret cult, Tenebris Order, once worshiped these beings as their gods and goddess. The Necrophims would use these cultist as a means of amusement and a means of feeding.
Archons are determined through power, and power is presented in many ways: dueling the Archon, or popular voting of a Princess into the position.
Technology level: Necrophims do not require technology, and are actually technophobes.
General behavior: Necrophims are curious beings, and require amusement before becoming bored and moving on to a new thing. They are aggressive to lower beings, and consider themselves higher then even the Sith Lords. Brash, and docile, only when angered do these beings show physical aggression.
History: When many of the events happened to the Universe, the Necrophims did not get much of being affected. The Gulag Plague could not reach them, the Clockwork Rebellion did not matter to them, but they were disappointed not to get involved with the Masks of Madness as they believe it would have been very amusing. But when the Netherworld opened up to the more physical world, the Necrophims finally were able to touch the universe rather then hear the tales of the dead in the Netherworld that were new to it.
Before this, the Black Angels were only heard of, and very rarely summoned through the means of rituals, but even then it was considered madness to summon one when they were more likely to kill the summoner rather than follow them. Only the Tenebris Order were known to worship them as Gods of Chaos.
When the many events came and wiped away the Tenebris Order, the Necrophims were left alone to amuse one another. The Necrophims were only primordial then with little structure to their species. This was changed after many discussion with the dead in the Netherworld. They learned more of the Universe that was directly connected to the Netherworld, and began to construct their daily lives with the concept of royalty, and cult rites and rituals.
The first Archons and the ones to help give foundation to the Necrophims were Demogo and Ilios. These beings appointed the first line of Princes and Princesses who appointed the Lords and Ladies. These Lords and Ladies would appoint Knights, and those who could not gain enough power and popularity would be considered nothing less of the same as the dead in the Netherworld.
This structure was called the Circle of Dantalion.
Each Archon would make new laws, and sometimes remove old laws. When the laws could not meet the amusement of the Necrophim, Rites were placed to give leeway. Rituals were made by the lower ranks to give each group flare. As life went on, and new dead would come into the Netherworld, more specifically Chaos, the Necrophims began to declare themselves rulers of the souls trapped there.
Not much is known about their beginnings, in fact the Necrophims do not quite know where their history begins, and simply declare the first Archons as the beginning of their history. But the more older Necrophims would have spoken of old, hazed memories of once actually being in the physical world, living with many other beings, but they are all dead now.
These memories are from when they did live in the universe. The Necrophims were once a people who lived on a dead planet of Varxo. Powerful darksiders from a long forgotten past found a way to banish the Necrophims who were also considered strong in the force to the Netherworld, though at the time the dark adepts were not sure where the Necrophims were sent to. Ever since then the Necrophims have been trapped there, the concept of time lost to them, and so did they lose their identities as beings of the physical world.
The world of Varxo has since then been lost, caught in a supernova, and the Necrophims with their twisted minds only now being reinstated into the world of the living.

Notable Player-Characters: @Azazel Daeva will be one.
Intent: To create a species that resides in the Netherworld, and give a faction I am creating a little something something to work with. I wanted to create a Force Demon species and this was the best I could come up with.