^^Examples of the many types of mutations^^​

Name: Nal'Ra Necro'Kals
Designation: Sentient, but most of the time act Semi-sentient
  • Proto-Basic / Basic
  • Telepathy
  • Body language
Average height of adults: Varies greatly
Skin color: Varies. Most common colors are pale shades
Hair color: Most do not have hair
Breathes: Type 1
+ Anatomy similar to a Amani or planarian. Allowing the Necro'Kals to regenerate from fatal wounds. Regeneration time takes roughly 10 minutes but also depends on the wound
+ Extensive nervous system. They have developed over time a extensive nervous system that enables them to move with much agility and have enhanced perception
+ Eyes can see into Ultraviolet Spectrum
Weaknesses: [2 minimum]
  • Mutations: The mutations vary and have no limitation.
  • Grotesque appearance
  • Advanced Eyes
  • Long limbs
Average Lifespan: 60
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