With great pride and joy, the Nargath and Zanareth Umbrella Corporation announces the inauguration of their newly rebuilt and repurposed Research and Development headquarters on Eriadu.

After several decades of having leased the site to the local governments, the N&Z Alpha site had gone into disrepair and had become a dilapidated industrial site, but now thanks to the recent reinvestments and the reorganization within the N&Z, the plans for the Alpha site's reconstruction and redesign have finally been completed.

To share the joy of this momentous occassion, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors and Interim CEO of the Nargath and Zanareth Umbrella Corporation has planned a day of festivities on and around the new N&Z Research and Development Center in the near future and awaits that those who show interest will be given notice ahead of time.

Festivity Schedule:
  • open air party on site with local dignitaries and the Willhuff Tarkin Military Academy band playing a variety of classic works​
  • Inaugural ceremony with Tertius The Marquis C. Nargath and local dignitaries.​
  • Tour of the new facilities with Tertius The Marquis C. Nargath.​
  • Evening concert and cocktail party of the Wilhuff Tarkin Military Academy band and many other performers on the grounds of House Nargath's Valkan Palace.​