Apparently, everyone gets a reality TV moment around here: The drama is at its absolute zenith, jump cut to someone with far too much makeup on turning to the cameras and dropping a total bombshell (that isnt really a bomb shell) on you, the viewing audience.

When it comes to the oh-so-hallowed Elder Council, I thought we got through that together, like the uncomfortable holiday dinner it was, about 2 weeks ago. I was wrong. Personally, I haven't had my "reality tv, turn to the camera moment" since I joined this site and I was all too happy to avoid it because they seem like Tefka's thing and I'm not one to horn in on anyone else's gimmick. However, what sort of bothers me is how we all agree on a universal truth regarding this Elder Council, but we all avoid saying it out loud - like - if we do, some magic spell will be broken and the feel-good lovey-dovey bond we all share will be broken forever.


Let's all just grow up for a second, here. I'm not the type to sugar coat and I don't flatter anyone for making stupid decisions that they later come to regret so this constant fluffing of the people behind the Elder Compact is a bit tired to me. If, every few weeks, some new genius is going to barrage us with their hot take on that dumpster fire of an idea let's all start by acknowledging what it was: an OOC plan to defeat the NIO. I know, because at least 2 of the organizers of the little consortium told me as much when I was weighing whether to involve my faction.

In the time since the GA made the decision to get involved - FOR SOLID NARRATIVE REASONS - the drama and conflama have calmed down, I suspect, mostly because our narrative is solid. In what universe or I suppose: in what galaxy would the living embodiment of the Rebellion/Republic/Alliance go skipping merrily into the sunset with the actual Sith?


The Elder Compact didn't fall apart because we were mean to it on the playground. It fell apart because when push came to shove there wasn't much justifying fighting the only other (of two) light side factions on the forum. Period.
Anyway, here is hoping that all the nonsense over the NIO and having to team up to stop them is over. If you need 3 factions to defend your territory, you may be approaching this all from the wrong perspective. For our part, the GA has proven that you can, in fact, have a perfectly enjoyable invasion with a faction that is diametrically opposed to your IC values without it turning into a shoot-out. Ideally, going forward I will never feel compelled to make one of these posts again. How anyone can stand to do it so regularly is beyond me. Anyone ever seen the episode of the Office where Andy asks for everyone's attention and they roast him because of how often he stands up and asks for everyone's attention?

Don't take it too personally. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Joyous Life Day.