When the galaxy hears my name, what do they think? Do they think of the Mandalorians? Do they think of a friend and ally of the Republic? A killer of Sith? Well, whoever may see this, and whoever may know me, or not know me, this is my story.

My childhood was a normal Mandalorian one. My parents loved me, their only child. My father taught me the arts of war. My mother let me keep the strill that I found in the woods. I had a good 8 years. Then I went to war.

My father went to some backwater planet, having been hired to fight in a civil war. He brought me with him, having decided that it was time to make a proper Mando out of me, and bring me to war. We were there for a month with no incident, besides the occasional skirmish. Then, there was a large battle. It lasted for about three days. At the end of it, my buir was dead. I mourned him and took what I could of his armor and equipment. I loaded it onto his ship, a Firespray. I decided to leave the planet. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the ship was low on fuel. I had to land on another backwater planet a system or two away. I couldn't afford more, so I was stuck there for about 5 local years, doing jobs here and there to scrape up enough fuel for the trip back to Mandalore.

It was hell.

When I returned home, I found that my mother, had died of illness while I was gone. So it was just me and my Clan. Luckily, I was able to live with relatives for a while, before I moved out on my own as a bounty hunter for hire. My first contract was to capture a Jedi Padawan by the name of @Sandis Veeran who was wanted by Lorka the Hutt, for some reason or another. I found her within a few hours, right where the contact said she would be. I gave chase, and she was hard to catch. She had a warrior's spirit for sure. I finally managed to capture her when I broke her ankle with my Verpine Shatterpistol. I bound her and took her back to my ship.

Now, I don't know why, but I grew a bit fond of her. She was a warrior and had a defiant spirit. I had no particular love for Hutts, and they didn't care about things like honor. So, I decided to adopt her. At first, now that I look back on this, I think that she only agreed to save her sheb.

So I took her in, and lost any credibility I had as a bounty hunter. I began to teach her the basics of Mandalorian culture and language. We grew to enjoy each other's company, and became good friends.

I think I will leave off here for now.

For now, I must return to the present.