A rustic, neatly rolled-up scroll carrying a blue seal depicting a rampant lion somehow finds its way to Caedyn Arenais' private abode

Caedyn of House Arenais,

When I received news about your mother's recent passing, I felt the need to write to you. You must excuse my poor penmanship, however I do feel a handwritten note to be far more personal than simply sending a quick message over the holonet.

I do not know if you remember me, for the last time I saw you you were but a small child sitting in your father's lap as he and I spoke. My name is Thurion Heavenshield, former Grandmaster of the Silver Jedi and an old aquaintance of your family. I wonder if you still have that gold armlet I sent you when I heard the joyous news of your birth.

Firstly, I wish to offer you my most heartfelt condolences in what must be an incredibly emotional and tumultuous time for you. Your father was a good and honourable man, and your mother was a fierce and strong-willed woman. I first met them a long time ago, before either you or your sister were even born. There were inseparable then, a loving couple who complemented each other's character well. I was dismayed to hear about their separation years later. Speaking as a father who grew up without either parent, I believe no child should be bereft of neither father nor mother present. I can only be thankful both you and Loreena are by now young adults and well on your way to discover your own destiny in this vast galaxy of ours. Still, that doesn't diminish the pain of losing a loved one.

Secondly, I wish to let you know that I intend to visit Commenor and pay my respects to your mother and father, both of whom I greatly mourn as friends and colleagues, and that I should very much like to meet with you. To let you know that if there is anything you should require, then I would be most honoured to be there for you. This may seem an odd request from a relative stranger, but I know firsthand what it is like to be an orphan.

May the Force be with you, Caedyn.

Your Uncle Thurion

PS. Should you receive this letter, do not feel the need to reply in a similar fashion (it takes way longer, for one)! Below you'll find my private holo-mail address for easy contacting. Looking forward to hearing from you!