[background=The way we define life impacts everything around us. What is ‘life’, really?[/size]
[background=The more scientific, rational of minds would argue, of course, that life is simply that which exists between conception and death. That woefully short period of time — and seemingly so long too! — that sees a mortal creature speak its first and last words.[/size]
[background=Others might oppose them with more lofty, spiritual definitions of the concept, claiming — perhaps rightfully so — that there is more to life than eating, sleeping, procreation, and finally, expiration.[/size]
[background=There is, naturally, a third group that would approach the rest with a calming tone of voice, suggesting that, perhaps, the middle way is the right way. After all, is it not always so? Excess only leads to misery and saturation, and nothing good has ever come out of that. Moderation, however; that is something that has proven itself as the golden rule time and time again, no matter which galaxy you come from.[/size]

[background=See, I will never agree with them. To me it is an odd, unfathomable a notion to think that ‘life’ is defined by death. It is like ascribing the vivacious flame of a sparkling fire to itself and not to the air around it. What fuels life, if not death? Would we even have anything to argue about, were it not for that much feared, fast-approaching finale?[/size]
[background=The end of the line.[/size]
[background=Why[/b][background=, I ask? Is it not bleak and dispiriting to think of existence this way? A great many of the studious and erudite of the galaxy would brand me ‘dead’ simply because I do not fit with their narrow-minded definition of what is ‘alive’. Do I cease to be if they denounce me? Do I dissipate into the void between the stars because a mortal could not comprehend how I may walk outside his arbitrary lines?[/size]

[background=Men fear that which they do not understand; I embrace it.[/size]