I don't like saberstaffs, except maybe Exar Kun's, but his was dual-phase and obviously he could use one or both blades. Also an almost normal-sized handle. It was a flexible weapon and looked really cool too. Otherwise, regular saberstaffs are kind of clunky and have a big ole weakness in the handle. Plus they would be awkward to use and require specific training.

I can see the shock value aspect, but as Kas'im said, if you know where one blade is you know where both are.If you want a surprise for your enemy, why not go dual-phase? 1.5 meters suddenly becomes 3 and oh poodoo, he can hit me from much farther away.

I really like a pair of shotos for dual-weapon fighters. Faster, more manuverable. Perfect for Form IV dual-wielding. Maybe I will take Layna down that road. Guard-shotos are awesome too, basically tonfa from Kobudo and other Chinese weapon styles. They look cool and make for a faster, tighter style.

Form I is underrated. You can actually beat other Forms one-to-one if you do it right. Makashi is fencing, fencing is elegant so you crowd them and make it a slugging match. Soresu is a wall, don't try to run through it, chip away at it until it moves. Ataru, let them wear themself down or trap them in a corner. Djem So, make them over-extend. Niman, make them play your speciality. Jar'kai, two hands are better than one. Knock the blades out of their hands. Juyo, hunker down and wait for Bob the Berserker to bleed to death. Don't let them overwhelm you with the bum-rush tactic and they will open up and you cut 'em down.

Naturally, a master swordsman will know that and compensate somehow.

Oh and light-whips are a cool novelty weapon but I would bring a backup saber. Force pikes are underrated as are polearm and staff weapons. Vodo Bask anyone? Curved handled sabers, I am mixed about. Cool specialist weapon for precision, but just that, a speciality weapon. Choking up is like what rapier fencers do, hence the ricasso finger guards and more elaborate hand-guards with time. The pistol grip sacrifices power for precision a little too much, perhaps. Not that rapiers were not deadly, far from it.