Since so many people seemed to enjoy my first lot, I figured why not make a second batch.

What a shame

It was a shame,
That you couldn’t reclaim.
To join the rest,
On their quest.
Still though they left,
Making you feel bereft.
Still you waited,
Like it was fated.

Return they didn’t,
As they had been ridden.
Someone had killed them,
Leaving you quite numb.
So out you went,
Following the scent.
When you find them,
They won’t be a chum.

Find them you did,
However you were forbid.
But you managed,
Quietly advantaged.
As your friends help,
Without some much as a yelp.
There it died,
There you found your stride.

The names

You asked for a name,
Something you could claim.
They told you to make one,
Even though you had none.
Still tried you did,
To silently bid.
For a name of your own,
Something not over blown.

Three you recieve,
Yet only one you could believe.
As three names is much,
But they would end up being a crutch.
So one you picked,
As only one clicked.
So your name was chosen,
There your name was frozen.