Log 68 - Creation Of HAELI The AI

"Begin recording of Test 30. HAELI power on." As soon as Zavzen finished his command a sight he had become accustomed to appear in front of him, Haeli in all of her blue glory. "Greetings Master," she spoke before he could, "Systems are running at peak efficiency." Zavzen stared for a few seconds before he let out a tired chuckle, "I take it the two programs I let you have access three days ago have been fully integrated." Haeli seemed to smile before responding, which should of been impossible he thought with a frown, he may of given her personality but not emotions yet. Could it be she was developing her own already, just from personality. "Yes Master," her voice jolted him out of his thoughts, "they have been fully integrated. Anything else Master? I am happy to help."

Zavzen stared at her for a while after that, he had heard some sort of emotion in he voice- however small it maybe- and smiled in joy, he could soon finish this project. He had enjoyed the challenge but it was starting to drag on. The large amounts of glitches seemed to have only just cleared up.

"Yes there is something else Haeli, you can answer these questions for me. How would you react if someone threatened you if you were truly human and you later had the chance to kill them?"

"That is hard to answer Master. My actions would depend on a number of variables. If you want a general answer though, Master, I would try not to kill but to render them incapacitated instead." Zavzen smirked in pride from her answer. It was not a yes or a no, she had thought for her self. Brilliant.

"You watch someone close to you die. You have the chance to attack the person who killed them. Would you do so?

"Yes, Master"


"They killed someone close, I would do anything for someone close to me. No matter what."

"That is all. Thank you Haeli. Begin integration of programs "Emotion" and "Evolve". We shall continue testing tomorrow." Turning, Zavzen strode out of the room with a proud smirk on his face.