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"Kriff.... this hurts..."
Zandra's voice sounds distant, weak. The pirate captains room is lit up. She is sitting on her bed, back against the headboard, staring blankly into the video feed. She holds onto her right wrist, covering it entirely with her left. Her face is pain, only that. No other emotion can possibly leak through.
"Dunno if I can... talk again to you..." she pants, "Cal... I jus'... I jus' wanna say, I wanna look at ya again. I wanna... I wanna jus' reach out n'..."
She moves her left hand, revealing the red, cauterized stump where her right hand once had been. She reaches out, hisses in pain, and brings it back to cover it once again.
"That Damn space wizard," she growls, "I'm gunna get 'im back. I swear by the Goddess 'erself! Eye fer an eye, a sword hand fer a sword hand."
"Cap'n,"comes a call and a knock from just outside the room, "we're here."

Zandra closes her eyes for a moment, a tiny flicker of peace at last flashed across her pale, pain struck face.
"Jus' gatta git a new hand first."
She reaches over with her left hand and awkwardly shuts the video feed off.
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