Beornskald, the Eternal Realm
"Send me," the Sunlight Lord offered the Allfather and those who had answered the summons. The hall went quiet, as deities great and minor fixed their eyes on the Bringer of Dawn. Seizing the moment, Thrand stepped forward to present himself to the pantheon. Before him on a great throne presided Odiir, the High God himself, and at his side stood Runa, his wife. The Allfather's expression remained ever carved in stone, showing not a single emotion one way or the other, whereas the Mother-Goddess took on a pained expression.
"Send me to the realm of mortals. I will help them face what evil awaits them." His ever-radiant presence shone upon the world around him and those closest to him, basking them in the warmth of the sun. "It has to be me; Midvinter was my home, once. My family, my two boys... I cannot stand aside and watch them fight this battle on their own."
Runa strode forth, slowly and full of grace, until she stood before him, and Thrand felt the need to take a knee. Her gentle hands cupped his weathered face, caressing his silvery-brown locks. "It will be difficult for you, seeing your kin again," her voice sang from her lips like the most soothing of music. "You will be tempted to remain, to resume your mortal life among them. But it cannot be so," she warned, brows furrowed in concern. "Once your task is completed and Midvinter is safe again, you will be forced to return here. What is once perished in the realm of the living can never be made to live again -- such power is beyond even the likes of us."
"Will it be worth it? The pain of seeing your family again, only to be parted once more?"
His aged eyes met hers, and at first he faltered in his request only to moments later reaffirm it with a stern look in his gaze. "Anything will be worth seeing their faces again, my lady. The greater pain would be knowing I had the chance to see them again, and choosing not to."
"Very well," Runa offered a kind smile and bid him to rise. A brief look back to her husband sat upon the throne, prompting a subtle gesture of the Allfather's hand. "The Bringer of Dawn shall be sent to the Mortal Realm, to wander its lands once more and help push back our ancient enemy. The rest of us shall meet them on the battlefield, as we always have since the dawn of time, in hopes of drawing their attention away from the mortal lands long enough to stem the tides now threatening them. The Allfather decrees it!" The booming sound of Odiir's great spear striking the ground echoed through the neverending hall filled to the brim with deities and once-fallen warriors alike, prompting a roaring cheer to erupt.
Looking over his shoulder, the High God merely offered the Lord of Sunlight a nod of approval.

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