[background="Emperor's bones, what happened to him?” Below the doctor laid a mangled body, one which looked somewhat Trandoshan. The Doctor, Huro Gla, was running next to the hoverbed pushed by nurses. As he ran, Dr. Gla was slipping on his gloves, and checking the vitals of the patient. Alive, barely.
[background=“We...we don’t know, Doctor. He came crawling through our doors with an arm that was barely attached to his body!” Huro looked down at the body; a single arm, severe burns, lacerations, too many for Dr. Gla to count. The man hadn’t seen anyone this bad in a while, and those he had never survived, and they were trained soldiers who had been wounded in the line of fire, and explosions. This was Nal Hutta, not a warfront. [/size]

[background=“Alright...alright, do whatever you have to to stabilize him. Has Dr. Tharl been notified?”[/size]

[background=“Yes, she and her team are preparing for surgery. But she wants you there as well.”[/size]

[background=“Good, let’s go, come one! Kark, this guy’s not gonna make it. Put the respirator on him, start cleaning his wounds for implants.” There was only one way the patient was going to survive, and it was a life of being locked inside a metal case, never seeing the world with your own eyes. The patient was muscular, perhaps a fighter? Bounty hunter? Definitely a Trandoshan, so perhaps cybernetic enhancements would be enjoyable for the patient. [/size]

[background=While Dr. Gla was thinking, the nurses were doing their best to run and take care of the patient, something they had done many times before. Huro took the respirator from one of the nurses, holding it over the patient’s face and checking their pulse the old fashioned way. Gla always was old fashioned. [/size][background=So weak. [/i][background=As the doctor looked up, he saw the entrance to Dr. Tharl’s operating room.[/size]

[background=He was the only one to enter the room with the hoverbed, and was quickly swarmed by more nurses and Dr. Tharl. The room they were in was high quality, and was full of various cybernetic technology, and large machines that would assist them in their surgery.[/size]

[background=“What we got?” Asked Dr. Tharl.[/size]

[background=“No clue. Just know it’s bad. Let’s focus on saving this guy’s life and then ask questions later. Tharl didn’t ask anything else, and simply nodded. The hoverbed was moved under a large machine, and was connected to it, making the bed into an operating table. Blood was everywhere.[/size][background= [/i][background=Gla watched as the machine scanned the body, and took a quick DNA sample of blood. A large monitor which showed the vitals of the patient came up with their personal info.[/size]

[background=Kralossk, Trandoshan, forty-two galactic standard years, condition: critical. One the machine was done scanning, it got to work with the help of the nurses. Huro rushed forward, moving to help. However, he could only really watch and give quick input to Dr. Tharl. [/size]

[background=Mechanical arms descended onto Kralossk, one of them began working on his remaining arm, his left, by cutting off the pieces that wouldn’t be able to recover. Another two started working on repairing the arm. One of them quickly replaced one of his fingers with a basic metal one. The second one started doing its best to clean the wounds and stop the blood flowing by putting on barebones pieces of cybernetics. [/size]

[background=Another set of the machine’s arms were putting on a permanent respirator with the help of Dr. Tharl. She was clearing off Kralossk’s chest, removing his burnt clothing and began cleaning the wounds. A large respirator lowered onto the patient’s mouth, and neck, connecting and letting him breath. All they could do was fix as much as they could and hope the regenerative properties of the Trandoshan would help stabilize the patient. [/size]

[background=A large metal plate descended upon Kralossk’s chest, connecting to the respirator. This would be the filter that helped clean the air for the respirator, but mostly the plate would keep the burns and cuts under control. The patient’s eyes suddenly opened, the chestplate upping his heart beat with a jolt. A loud metallic scream came through the respirator, and he writhed in pain. [/size]

[background=Medical droids rolled into the operating room, cybernetic limbs in hand. Gla and Tharl held down the patient as the droids came over. Gla had to look away as the droids implemented the three limbs, as they only increased the screaming. So, he looked up at the monitor and the readings. Condition: stable. What?[/size][background= [/i][background=Somehow, this patient was going to survive. His heartbeat and blood pressure were starting to stabilise. Somehow the respirator was helping, not to mention the chestplate which was working its magic on the internal organs. [/size]

[background=Skeletal looking metal limbs were fitted onto the patient, and a large sleeve was put over his only remaining arm. Gla stepped back, looking down at Kralossk. As he looked down, he ran his hands through his sweaty hair. Machines kept working on Kralossk for the next few hours, slowly putting on more and more cybernetics. The whole time, Doctor Huro Gla stood watching in utter amazement. [/size]

Ten days later.​
[background=Kralossk sat on the edge of a hospital bed, looking down through an orange mask at metal hands. This was his life now. With a grunt of pain, he stood, feeling the sluggishness of gears in his legs. Since he had awoken from surgery nine days ago, his only memory of it being utter pain, he had been constantly learning his new body. As he stood, a pair of men entered. Dr. Gla, and someone he didn’t recognize. [/size]

[background=“Mr. Kralossk, this is a representative from a Cestus Cybernetics. He would like to talk to you about...enhancements…” [/size]

[background=“Hatcherd. My name is Kralossk.” The Trandoshan’s voice metallic, and sounded hollow. Yet, it didn’t sound hollow from the cybernetics. Kralossk was deeply sad, for he had lost many Jagganath points with the Scorekeeper for his defeat, and his reliance on machines to keep him alive. He may never recover them so long as he remained inside his shell. Which he had to to remain alive. [/size]

[background=“Pleasure to meet you, Kralossk, my name is Pila Saxtas. I would like to speak with you about upgrading your cybernetics to suit your various...needs..." [/size][background=Pila’s voice was welcoming, and jovial. With a rude wave, he dismissed Dr. Gla, and smiled at Kralossk. He was used to looking people in their metallic eyes. [/size]

[background=“My company offers a wide variety of cybernetics, and we have many that will suit the needs of a Trandoshan such as yourself. We can offer you enhanced life support, allow you to see in various spectrums of light, give your new limbs more strength, and provide all that with armor covering your body to ensure that this never[/size][background= [/i][background=happens again.”[/size]

[background=Kralossk stared at the man for a moment. He was in turmoil, for anymore machines on his body would only take away more Jagganath points. He stumbled back, falling onto the bed in a sitting position. He very nearly broke it in half from the weight of his metallic body, yet it held strong with a loud groan. [/size]

[background=“Sham ba lu mi lowe…” Kralossk whispered to himself. He would take these new machines, and prove to the great Scorekeeper that he was still a worth Trandoshan inside his shell. [/size]

[background=“Horont, I will have your cybernetics installed.”[/size]

[background=“Good, and how will you be paying for that?”[/size]

[background=“I will be in your debt until such time as my labor has been payed off.” [/size]

[background=“Good. I’ll pull up the forms now.” Spoke Pila with a sly grin. A large powerful Trandoshan he had control over? Hmph...oh yes, that would be payment enough.[/size]