To dearest Aunt Gia

I write this message and send it knowing that you are more than likely worried with news as of late. I know that my sudden running off and causing trouble must cause you much undue stress and for that I am sorry. Know that I am not doing any of this without good reason. Small update on how I've been, since we last spoke, I've discovered Sergei has perished on a mission while protecting all those he held dear. He died fighting for what he believed would be a brighter future. Even now the thought of this still gives me anger, as the man who an entire organization revered and called The Dire Wolf, a man who had given me a second lease on life, a man who gave me the gift of two of the most loving and capable caretakers possible, is now dead. The Dire Wolves in their misguided attempt to shield me from the truth, to try and stay me from the course I have chosen have only guaranteed that I now walk this path. And while they still function with Captain Kerensky as the acting Commander in Chief, no one has risen to take the mantle left behind by my father. These men and women who raised me after breaking my indoctrination have now been charged with attempting to hunt me down and prevent me from walking the path I do now. I've recently recovered Sergei's old ship, and a Droid who calls himself John funny enough. He says he was Sergei's personal combat droid, and he has been telling me many stories of my father. And while he's nowhere near as great a teacher as you Gia, he's been keeping me up on my practicing and training. I still try to meditate daily, and while there's been a bounty put on my head I wouldn't worry about it. My encounters with most of these bounty hunters have proven Sergei's opinion on them quite true. That is that as far as I have seen, most of them are brutes and quite dull, preferring to shoot their problems rather than use reason and logic to solve them. I know uncle John is probably very, very disappointed in that I've used my connections to him to steal a lot of data, and cause a lot of trouble. My only hope is that when this is all over that he can find it possible to forgive me. Because now I know where I need to go to get the answers I seek. Which leads me to second part of this transmission.

I will be out of contact for some time, as I am headed to Sith Space to seek out the one who created the monster I must destroy. I haven't killed anyone in my quest for this knowledge yet, but I dunno if the Sith in question will allow me to keep my hands clean of blood. Part of me hopes that I won't have to kill to get the knowledge I seek, that I won't be tempted to become the animal I once was. Part of me also knows that I must prepare and be ready for that if it is forced upon me. I will remember all that you've taught me, you and uncle John still mean more than you'll ever know. But I must do this. I must not only avenge the death of Sergei Jachovich, but also destroy something that was so monstrous and clearly a threat beyond most mortal beings. I will ask that you don't worry, but I know this probably something that you'll naturally do on my behalf. Just know that I will always treasure our time together, and that in the darkest of times I will remember all that you and John have imparted to me. I shall do my best to return home to you both safe when this is over, and I pray that the next time we meet I can look you both in the eyes and say that I have done what must be done. That it is over. Then we can all sit down and hopefully you'll let me help you cook so we can enjoy a meal together.

Forever your (adopted) nephew

Aiden Wolf

P.S. I know John is watching this transmission with his connections, and I want you to know, I tried to talk the bounty hunters out of shooting up that tavern on Roon. So what happened there, totally not my fault. Also Knight to F3. Hopefully we'll be able to continue that game when I get home.
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