Nei grunted as she lifted up the heavy crate. What's in here?! Dead bodies?! Staggering a bit under its weight, the teenaged Nautolan managed to set it onto the hoverpad, leaning against it slightly.

Though the job wasn't glamourous, being a worker in the spaceport paid well enough, and it got Nei out of her parents' tresses. Plus, she got to listen to the stories from all sorts of spacers. When I get enough money, I'm leaving! That had been her one goal, to leave Glee Ansen and travel among the stars. Unfortunately, Nei barely had enough money to sustain herself if she were to finally leave this planet.

The Nautolan set a couple more crates onto the hoverpad, checking them off on her datapad.

"You be too young to lift those heavy crates by yourself," a voice said. "Cei forsa. Here, let me help you." Nei turned to see an elderly orange Twi'lek male giving her a friendly smile.

"Um, I don't--" Waving away her protests, the Twi'lek picked up the last crate and hoisted it onto the pad.

"Nonsense. I be Captain of this ship." He offered a hand, which Nei shook hesitantly. "Captain Freetaa'voe, of the Brightest Hour. What be your name, young lady?"

Nei looked at her datapad, and sure enough, he was listed there. "I'm...Nei. Nei Laa. Captain of...nothing." She was curious as to why the Captain had helped her -- after all, most captains left the heavy hauling to the workers.

"You be Captain of the Nothing?" He chuckled. "What does this ship look like?" Upon seeing the confused look on the Nautolan's face, the chuckle turned into a laugh. "Relax, sei vie. I just be kidding."

"Captain!" A human girl, a little older than Nei, ran up. She was wearing the strangest armour that Nei had ever seen. "Renti and Beesix were squabbling, and now they're being detained by customs. They said they refuse to let them go until the Captain shows up." She looked Nei up and down. "Who's this?"

Freetaa'voe shook his head. "Those two always be in trouble. Thymina, meet Nei Laa, Captain of the Nothing. Nei, this is my security officer, Thymina Sargettii."

"Security officer?" Thymina looked 20, max. "Aren't you a little young?"

The girl pulled a face. "See this armour? I'm a Mandalorian. We're the best of the best when it comes to security protocols -- mostly because we're the reason they're made."

Nei simply shook her head. She didn't know who the Mandalorians were, but she suspected that if she asked, Thymina would probably scoff at her. Instead, she said, "If you want, I can go with you, maybe clear things up with customs. They know me."

The Twi'lek beamed down at the Nautolan. "Wonderful! That be absolutely helpful, sei vie."

Setting down her datapad, Nei jerked her chin in a direction. "C'mon," she said. "Customs is this way."