Three Weeks After Leaving Dantooine...
Solan rubbed his eyes as he sat against the hull of the ship he was serving on ever since leaving that planet of pain and memories that he had no intention of ever going back to. Sure maybe he was being a bit of a child but he was only fifteen and what was to be expected of someone who was just orphaned. As far as he was concerned, the home and planet itself can fade from existence and his memory to the point of him never having to see it again.
He groaned as the thoughts returned to his head. It was days like this that he had become infuriated over. When he was trapped in the past and his mind brought him nothing but the memory of the tangled bloodied corpses that had surrounded him and his mother's own fading body. He hated those farmers and he figured one day he would return to finish what he started and make them pay for all of that. For now, though, he would work off and get somewhere in this new life of his, but first, he needed a drink after thinking about that place.
At fifteen years of age, he was already drinking heavily. Granted it was these guys that had introduced him to it a week ago, but since then it was something he fell on immediately to cool his head and forget about the past as best he could. It wasn't always effective though and his body moved out of the ship and past one of the fellow mercenaries, patting him on the shoulder as he walked past and waved his hand.
"I'm going to go get a drink, try not to crash the ship for the boss." Solan knew it simply received a laugh, after all, he was the youngest, smallest, and newest member of the group. But he had immediately found himself a spot as the joker, the jester and the one to be able to find the light in any situation. It was odd considering his past so far and as he stood there on the streets of Nar'Shadaa, breathing in that toxic air, he could only sigh.
He was so different now.
He had quickly adjusted to life with the mercenaries, killing becoming easier as he was given his first mission, and the realization of his unique weaponry and abilities gave this group a leg up compared to the other small timers.
He supposed there had been a benefit to his learning the force and something about the saber before their deaths.
Ugh, it was like he could still hear his mother screaming... wait he could hear screaming.
His eyes fell to the side in that instant and as he looked into an Alley, what he saw made him instantly sick. Standing there was a man, pressing a blaster to the back of a young girl's head with her mother and father tied and bound in front of her with another holding his blaster between his legs as he crouched over them and in front of the young girl.
"We will let you pick before you are shipped off to your new life, mommy or daddy, which one gets to die first? Hurry up and choose before I choose for you. We got a quota to meet and each young one is worth quite a bit on the market. Especially Vahlans."
The girl could only cry as Solan stood there and watched, frozen like a deer in headlights as his hand itched.
"Fine then..."
With that, the blaster cracked, not once but twice in quick sucession and from it the smell of burning flesh began to rise and hit the face of the young girl, the second man pushing her towards the two dead parents.
"Give mommy and daddy a kis-" He never finished the sentence, a sapphire blade piercing right through his chest and being yanked up as it came and carved the man's head in two like a watermelon. Standing behind the now dead man as he was pushed to the side was Solan who stared at the one who had fired the shots.
What followed was something that Solan doesn't quite remember, only the sight of blood came to memory when he thought about the event. But when his consciousness came to, he was in a building with the bodies of the two parents and the passed out form of a red haired Vahlan girl.
"Strange, shes quite pretty when sleeping..." He said this to himself before looking for a place where he could sit without his eyes focusing on her, waiting for the young girl to wake up so she can mourn her family.​