K Y B E R - F O R G E D

"For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to the Maker,
for it does not submit to the laws of the Maker."

8:7 Module Of Fivelines
The Tuple of Makerism

1800 GST, 33rd Taungsday

Every step I take further into this lost city of Droids, the more questions I have.

The New Imperial Order, and later Darkwire, sought my endless gift for creation and practice in high science. We operated on the fringe of what was possible, working on products that could compete against even the strongest of weaponry the rest of the Galaxy had to offer. Our neighbors and competing militaries, since the end of the Four Hundred Year Darkness, have forever been in an endless arms race of ingenuity. Endlessly growing nuclear explosions. Larger, more powerful rifles. Even for the countless factions and cults of sorcerers, those wielders of the unexplained, their weaponry and armor faced inflation without end. That's where the money was, in death and more importantly for my career, the Imperial Warmind. It was tiresome, for my heart belonged elsewhere, and now that I'm here in this mystery city long thought impossible by most rational minds, I think I've found my true calling. To understand, to be able to rationalize exactly what is happening here. I wrote in my last log about faith, religion. How this culture seemingly contained within this Droid City was singularly minded towards a sort of faith healing. It seemed by practicing religion, they appeared more... sentient. More human-like. My guide, in particular, was very peaceful and open with me, taking me on a tour of the beauty of this city. The beauty of this religion. But it seems we've only been skimming the surface, and that not all I've been shown is the full truth of what is happening here. No, today my guide took me hundreds of levels down deeper into this constructed planetoid, and my eyes were opened to what else is happening here. Massive blazing forges, titanic pressure chambers, emblazoned manufacturing lines moving at a speed hostile to the eyes. The pure jealousy a Geonosian would feel walking these halls, these embedded factories. The machines moved with a demonic speed, unseen previously even within the greatest of Imperial War Factories I had surveyed during my time as Moff Kapshan. It was intimidating as it was awe-inspiring, but I never felt threatened walking these halls.

Great movers and shakers, they were. It seemed the largest forges I was shown were producing giant construction droids and builders who instantly set upon growing the planetoid, tending the duracrete as if tilling a farm. Other Factories served as foreign medbays, hospitals for broken droids to come to be repaired. Great care and soft touches were applied to these broken droids, only to have them later emerge fully restored to live their potentially unending lives. This entire level of the city was magnanimous and beyond mortal comprehension. I had heard of Yuuzhan Vong succession pools, of their massive worldships and how their fleets survived the flight through the Void to our Galaxy. The sight of these Factories was very reminiscent of the paintings, of the idea in action, of watching an entire race of droids "build" new members of their race by the hundreds per second. I've read papers on how the Star Forge could be possible, how the Rakata in the height of their Empire forged entire armies overnight to overtake and swarm their opponents. Were they building an army here? Even my own brilliant mind was overwhelmed with the countless questions my eyes were ingesting. To what purpose? My fingers fly over the keys of my data slate as I record all of this, as the questions I've postulated so far are quickly being overtaken the things I saw near the end of my day, before I left my guide and headed back to the ship.

There was a gate he showed me, without much explanation. We just sat there and watched it, for a while. It stood, two massive black arches, with a massive crystal hooked between the two by some sort of gravitronic simulator. Perhaps opposing tractor beams. But that crystal, I've seen it before. I've only seen one other that SIZE, though - a kyber crystal the Imperial Order had secured from an excursion to Jedha. That one was blue, though. This one, bright pink, hovering between it's two black arches. They were sending droids through the gate, every ten minutes or so. There was a bright flash of light, similar to what you see during a jump to hyperspace. The entire gargantuan chamber would be pulled, it felt, as if towards the behemoth kyber crytal. I felt my heart palpitate every time it happened, but I didn't have the willpower to rip my eyes away from what I was seeing. The guide made sure we kept our distance, and I never got a chance to talk to any of the droids, but I swear I saw them affixing crystals to their foreheads prior to stepping in the gate.

They would disappear, after the bright flash of light. What had happened to them is the sole focus of my curiosity now. What are they doing? Why are they doing it? Where did they get the Kyber crystal, and how does it factor in? Have they somehow transfixed a static portal to hyperspace?

...Are they coming back?