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Affiliation: MCS Customers
Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Model: MC60a Resolute-class Heavy Cruiser
Modularity: No
Production: Minor
* MC-1002 Oracle-class Sensor Suite
* MC1003 Tetra-class Targeting/Tracking System
* MC1004 OPAL-class Communication Laser Projector
* MC1005 Dolfin-class Communications Array
* Hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer
* Gravitic amplitude modulator
* Doppraymagno scanner
* Doppler sensor array
* Crystal gravfield trap
Classification: Escort Cruiser
Length: 750 meters
Height: 210 meters
Width: 360 meters
Armament Rating: 6 - 2
Optional Arc Armament
3 forward, 3 aft, 12 Port/Starboard
* 16 MC-t1002 Orca-class Turbolaser Cannon Batteries
* 4 MC-t1003 Galeus-class Ion Cannon Battery
* 2 LLT-12 Erebus Jamming Arrays
Warhead Armament
* 2 MCS1020 Sea Hawk Heavy Torpedo Launcher
* 2 MC-d1001 Tarpon-class Heavy Defense Batteries
* 4 Turreted Countermeasure Defensive Batteries
* 1 Missile Deactivation Transmitter
Defenses Rating: 18 +8
* MC1010 Delphus.4-class Quad Redundancy Shield Projectors
* Neualuquad Ablative Armor Plating
* Ferrocarbon Condensed-matter Composite "FCMC" Starship Frame
* Redundant Cap Drains
* Redundant De-ionizers
Hangar: 3 Squadrons +2
Special Features:
Advanced Sensors
Heavy Shielding
Ablative Armor
Anti-slicing Systems
Anti-Ion Systems
Anti-interdiction Systems
Tractor Beam Projectors
Maneuverability Rating: 12 -1
Speed Rating: 12 -1
Hyperdrive Class: 0.75
* Increased Defensive Rating
* Heavy Broadside Armament
* Increased Hyperdrive Rating
* Reduced Armament Rating
* Reduced Maneuverability Rating
* Reduced Sublight Speed Rating
* Reduced Hyperdrive Rating
* Weak forward armament
* Weak Aft Armament
Description: The MC60a is a smaller, lighter cruiser variant of the large MC-80 series of cruisers. Designed as a multi-role stand alone vessel, the MC60a can operate alone or in groups as needed for any mission.
Design: The MC60a-class was designed with Commerce raiding and rapid assault operations in mind. The MC60a-classes smaller size combined with its more powerful hyperdrive motivator allows the MC60-class to travel the space lanes faster making it suitable as a mobile base of operations for Alliance interdiction Operations as well as a capable line ship for Aliance task forces. Likewise, though, the MC60-class is not capable of matching the Larger Star Destroyers in terms of sheer firepower or survivability. When confronted by a larger vessel, the cruiser will operate in groups and will often rely on the superior Rebel star fighters to augment its offensive and defensive capabilities.
Armaments: The bulk of the firepower of the Resolute-class is the array of Turbolaser and Ion cannon batteries positioned over the ships hull. Each battery houses three dual turrets which can fire into the forward, flank, and aft fire arc. One turret can fire into the fore, one into the aft and all three into the flank giving the vessel a very formidable broadside armament.
Complement: The Resolute-class is based around three squadrons of multi-purpose fighters which can fill any mission role and requirement. Three freighters or heavy dropships can land and travel aboard the vessel on her main landing deck. These can be used to transport crew or cargo, as support pickets, or to carry troops into assault.
Development Thread: No
Intent: To create heavy cruiser for MCS customers
Who Can Use This: Anyone
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