Here's a list of all the items I (The writer) have ever made, across all accounts.​

No more digging around.​




RDI- Deathshead class cruiser- Fast attack swarm cruisers​

RDI- Smartpack- Automated backpack. Can be standard issue.​

F1 Field Medic Droid- Speaks for itself.​

Thor Class MK I Armor- A real sweet hardy armor.​

Dreadstar II- The big gun, need major faction status to use it though.​

Strategic Mobile Platform- Big walker thing.​



Privateer Class Armadillo Privateer Class Mulcher


ZRX Speeder Bike: A fast medium sized bike with both a Laser Cannon and Chaingun mounted to the front. You can ride 1 person on it, carry fifty pounds worht of gear in your saddlebags and light folks up with a dual Laser, Kinetic storm of rounds! Standard issue for all Red Devil Members​

  • Red Draft Cantina: The home and HQ of the Nar Shaadda Originals chapter. Most of the time it's packed to the gills with Red Devils and has a ton of booze and bikes in or nearby it. The Backroom is heavily guarded, with a key card and magnetic seals for business with Members only.
  • Beggars Row
    The Large street that the Red Draft is on. Outfitted with a few notable locations. There's a Deli, a Swoop Shop and some other frivolous ends. Most of the time it's crawling with Red Devils and other lowlifes.

  • Jast 1 Freighter : Fast Small Freighter. Good for running guns, smuggling, what have you. Built in smugglers hatches that are shielded from scans. Low weapons, but the speed makes up for it. This baby can turn easy and is super modifiable. A bit rickety though, keep her tuned up!
  • Jast 2 Freighter Still Pretty fast, with a heavier load out on the armaments. Decent speed.This one is less modifiable, but can haul more cargo in her holds than the Jast 1. Holds are still lead shielded to prevent easy scanning. Sturdier, but still keep her tuned up!
  • Jast 3 Freighter: It's bigger and heavier armed. She's got a few tricks to keep folks off her back, but she's super slow. With so much weapons cargo space was cut down, but it's extra room for mods was part of the cargo hold sacrifice. As usual still has the lead shielded holds, still need to do upkeep or some things might...... Explode?
  • Jast Blackout: A specialized support ship. The Jast Blackout is super fast, has no arms, but can hack like a pro. If you drop one of these in system things become very finicky. She can shut down commo channels, scramble sensors, and hack systems. Be aware of limitations.
  • Jast Shredder: A support ship that is heavy on the missiles. Decked out with multiple rapid fire missile tubes, and repeater Ion/Kinetic cannons, the Jast Shredder can put a lot of firepower downrange for a very cheap cost. The limitations to such a nice vessel are it's abysmal defences. If the shields fall, bug out. Best as a pack hunter, support ship role.
  • Reclaimer 1 : A great Support ship! 500M worth of power to Salvage. This baby can refit and Rearm a vessel, build Ships, Shipyards, capture and disassemble, mine asteroids and do a myriad of stuff. If you got one in your fleet, you can keep your stuff sailing for a long time. Downside is that it will die like the rust box it is in combat. Keep it away from the front lines.