Our story begins on an active city-world; however, before the glorified image of a bustling hive where commerce, technology, and civilisation thrive forms in your mind, allow that image to slip away and the layers of enchantment crumble away. This story is one formed of a collection of ugly truths, and our first is the poverty that underlies all major civilisation. At the bottom of the Galaxy's food chain, beneath the foundations of the beautiful buildings that form those breath-taking skylines, a wholly different and very distinct manner of existence endured nearly for as long as the metropolitan paradise above. It was one that had persevered the countless ages since the start of sentient life in all races: survival.
In the modern age, the needs of the many are frequently met with both a swiftness and a fair price, and even the children of this age know more luxury and entitlement than many of their predecessor generations could ever have dreamt of. In this instance of reality, the very concept of something such as fighting for your life seems to be a fantasy for small children and adventure-seeking hooligans. The idea of real struggle is so alien that many do not even consider the potential for such a scenario, and it never occurs to the upper classes that there could ever be that manner of struggle beneath their very feet. Such is how separate the two realms of one planet could be, and how they were here. For those who do live below, the struggle for life - the survival - is an event that takes place every day, every second, and with every breath. Life for them is a commodity both precious yet, if the means justify the ends, completely expendable; such is the result of selfishness and greed in the nature of sentient beings. This mind-set evolved into a culture, and the culture spread into a plague of madness that turned even the most sensibly-natured individuals into war hounds gnawing for every last scrap. With society in this underworld little more than a slowly decomposing corpse of civilisation, the story finally finds its beginning with the severe consequences of this rotting culture.