Sitting behind a desk on the other side of the room was a privatised medical technician assigned to this patient. She was currently considered to be critical condition, so he had little time to waste on the meet-and-greet that he would normally perform when a new child was sent to his bay. A quick tap-tap on the keys before him pulled up the relevant information gathered by the emergency responders the night before. She had multiple broken bones, infections, and there was some combination of viruses running havoc on her immune system. In the back of his mind, the doctor wondered how in the hell this girl was not dead.
He proceeded to order up the slew of procedures, medicines, and droids that he would require to begin the Initial Recovery Phase of the girl's stay at the facility. He checked her number so he would have ​​something to call her other than 'girl'. Her total registry serial was 0205504649, but the last three were the only ones that really meant anything on his level. He spared a glance over Six-Four-Nine, and what he saw actually made him sad. What a medical droid could not tell was when eyes were there but they were unseeing. She was not only critically ill and injured, but also blind. This was probably one of the worst cases he had seen barring the individual who was missing limbs.
The door slid open and in came two medical droids with a skid full of equipment and various drugs. The doctor stood and attended to the new shipment of services and to tend to his patient. The first thing he did was apply a sedative to Six-Four-Nine. Once she was asleep, he began his work. The droids acted as assistants while he worked with immunisations, antibiotics, and several healing boosters synthesised from kolto that were not as effective as the actual herb, but they still helped accelerate recovery from simple flesh wounds. The doctor focused his attention on the broken bones, and for that he needed the more active participation of the droids. They helped separate tissue to realign bone fragments and then they aided in splinting and binding the problem areas. He applied a medicated salve before suturing Six-Four-Nine back up, and then let her rest.
Day One's operations were complete. An intravenous solution was tethered to her arm. The medications were all running steadily through her bloodstream, along with the healing boosters and the salve that was designed to aid bone healing. Now it was simply time for her to sleep and heal. The doctor logged the completion of his process and signed off for the rest of the day.