Silver Jedi No Longer At the Reins, Council Forms Along Mara Corridor and Perlemian Trade Routes!

In the wake of the ousting of the Silver Jedi after their recent losses at both Ossus and near the Tion Cluster a new governing body has been established between the worlds in the Centares System. Calling themselves the Mara-Perlemian Trade Council, they have banded together to protect themselves and those around them from being re-absorbed by the Silver Jedi Order, but also to repel pirates and raiders that might see this as an opportunity to pick on once protected worlds. A collection of delegates from each planet within the system form what's being called the Mara-Perlemian Provisional Trade Council. At the head of the council is the representative of Centares, Olivander Cardiff. Cardiff, age 62, had for months been gathering a collection of secessionists among the trade route worlds, but now he has finally affected the change he sought, at least in part. The Centares System has birthed the first true seeds of self rule, denouncing any sort of Jedi interference in their affairs. Interestingly enough, they seem to recognize the skills the Jedi once provided and has begun employing them as mediators and peacekeepers throughout the system - but in service to the state as opposed to any direct government control. Upon reaching out to the Office of the Trade Council, it has been confirmed that in the coming days, an expansion of their council will be sought with other worlds along and between the Parlemian Trade Route and Mara Corridor but refused to say more.