MFO Meeting: 10/06/2021

Attendants/Fruits They Identify As:
Alli Wren
- EE / Watermelon
Allyson Locke - RPJ / Kumquat / Pineapple
Collector - MFO Admin / Dragonfruit
Rem-Fiki - Enclave / Kiwi
Kiff - Enclave / Pineapple
Rurik Fel - NIO - Peach
Srina Talon - Admin / Pineapple
Tefka - Admin / Lime
Gir Quee - SJC / Mango
Solipsis - MAW / No fruit readily available.

Allyson christened the meeting for October.

Tefka: Just a check-in, nothing prepared for the meeting. Meetings are minuted by Allyson and posted to the forum. Remember you’re repping your faction, be the voice of your members.
We have new faction owners around - Enclave & Kiff, welcome officially.
Old Factions - Eternal Empire, GA, CIS & NIO, ya’ll old.​


Eternal Empire: Nothing to report, but having a great time!

Tef: Cool thanks.​

Enclave: Lots of new writers, everything is going well so far. Got a lot of new stuff happening for Mandos, got a superstar destroyer - burnt some people out.
  • Gathered all the minor factions to create a frontier war - skirmishes with them ​

  • Pushed hard for the SSD in Sept (taking a breather) ​

  • Handling OOC stuff ​

  • Waiting to get in on the invasion game​

  • Annihilate Naboo (jk) - but maybe?​

  • Issue: People pestering about map updates and when they’re gonna be on the map​
Tefka: Joy to see a new faction pop up, you guys (Enclave) are doing a great job and injecting a new life - then Tef left us - it’s 2016 all over again RIP: Tef 2.0 2016 - 2021, then Staff rolled back his firmware now he’s back to 1.0 Tef.

Tef’s Note:
Thank you for humbling me, technology. My headset went out and I had to rejoin via phone a few minutes later. I do not know what cringe jokes they made in my absence. People began immediately commenting that they hated my new voice and personally, I felt bullied.​


NIO: Having a good time with the new hyperspace war, stuff with GA & Enclave & Maw, IC power exchange. High energy, lots of fun.
  • Map updates slow: NIO boarders looking ugly etc​

Tef’s Note
: Please pester about the map updates, it will get delegated out to admins. We can be lazy at times, me specifically, and Diablo 2: Resurrection recently came out so yeah, we need pestering sometimes.

Question about making Populate with one thread only instead of the two.

Tefka: Populate’s in a weird place, we kinda yeeted it out and hoped for the best. It seems cool but isn’t really fulfilling it’s purpose, kinda seems… I dunno I feel weird about them.​


Enclave: Do rebellions still have the opportunity for minors to go major by attacking majors?

  • Tefka: I don’t want to continue to cater to minor factions to be 100% honest, not with map game mechanics.​

  • NIO: You can work things narratively, while a minor faction can “win” in the story of dominion but the hex still belongs to the Major Faction. (Tefka Agrees)​

  • Tefka: I caved to minor factions, but they were basically factions of 1 - 2 people and not factions not trying to go major. When the rule was changed to have 3-4 people things changed. Rebellions need to be reworked. Would be really cool if other Majors could jump in on Rebellions and it’s something that’s being discussed. Annihilation (battle royal) was something that was created to destroy planets, but people seemed to love the battle royale, the free for all. I was pleasantly surprised with that aspect of Annihilations and it really opened my eyes to something Chaos was missing and its players obviously wanted more of. ​

  • Tefka: For a Minor faction to succeed you need to focus on the story of the faction and the narrative, maybe join major factions and their activities, and you can exist without the major faction rules. Seems to get lost to people because most people just see scoreboards & hexes - to join that you have to go major and play the map game. For minor factions, it’s all about story and being IC and roleplaying, and if that’s not your priority you’re likely to “fail”.​

SJC: Showed up a few minutes late, but everything is going really well, and working on things. Looking at what stories to pursue now that the Bryn is now Minor. Looking forward to what’s coming next.

Tefka: It’s been really nice without the drama. Activity levels have been about the same they were in the Spring, so it’s pretty obvious to me the one thing we didn’t need all that extra drama b/s, so I’m really happy ya’ll have been giving me these last few peaceful months free of that crap.

Tef’s Note: I like how the person keeping the minutes on this meeting pointed out everyone being late, lol. Look I was late to the first 3 meetings last time, it’s fine, we’re chill, damn.​



Kiff wants 80km Civilian Space Stations at Semi-Unique, there is apparently a thesis paper on it.

NIO proposes they just make 8 10km Civilian Space Stations.

Tef supports NIO's proposal and suggest they "Voltron them together".


Solipsis shows up much later while the Admins are chilling post-meeting, Tef offers to “knock out their meeting if he wanted.”

The Maw: Been a good time. Everyone’s having fun. Narrated working together to the great hyperspace war etc - make it fun for everyone on the board. Constant invasions - don’t get burned out.

Tefka: Our minutes keeper stopped keeping track at this point so I’m doing this all by memory, but basically it was a lot of yelling and screaming I MADE YOU while the MAW representative stonewalled and complained that he never once got an invite to a game of Stellaris.

Kidding, that never happened.

I offered my gratitude for the Invasions, I like the wars, Chaos likes the wars. I further thanked MAW for the chill attitudes they bring to the table when conducting PVP, I’ve received zero complaints and I believe Mongrel - a Faction Admin at MAW - got commended on how he’s been helping deliver on the chill factor. I also commended MAW on setting a good example for others to look to on how to avoid drama.

Most of the meeting was just vibing and touching base with everyone, but I did drive one point home earlier for the MFOs, and again for MAW. And I think it’s very important for anyone at Chaos to understand, as I think most will agree. Factions, groups, communities will reflect their leadership. If you are disgruntled, it will take root, it will spread. If you are toxic, it will take root, it will spread, and willing or not - people will begin to find themselves affected by it. Luckily for all of us, it’s a two way street.

If you are positive, if you are confident, if you are entertaining, if you are cool and collected - it will take root, and it will spread.

Leaders don’t get commended enough for the latter. We tend to pay more attention to the negative stuff. It’s like a car wreck, we just can’t turn away or not offer our own brilliant takes. But the good stuff, people don’t watch that as closely. People don’t clap their bros on the shoulder and say “thanks dude” And even when they do, the internet has this way of making you second guess if it was real or if they’re being fake af.

Last time we spoke in this manner, Major Factions, I asked you to help me lower the temperature. I said the temp was too high and we should lower it. I think in retrospect, despite the small sacrifice we made to do it, it was the right request to make.

So thanks, dudes.

...See you in December to raise it again?