OG Day/Time: Friday, 07/16/21
What actually happened: Smaller meetings with MFOs and Representatives with questions, Tefka, and Collector

Sunday 07/18/21, 4 pm CST
Monday, 07/19/21 7:30 pm CST
Tuesday, 07/20/21 6 pm CST

Collector (MFO Admin)
Sunfrog (SJC MFO)
Osam (Bryn’adûl MFO)
Alli Wren (EE rep)
Tefka (Guy who keeps the lights on)

Silver Jedi Concord:
Will the Netherworld map be permanent?

  • We'll be addressing this at the end of the month with the community as a whole in a thread.
Oblivion flashpoint: Will factions suffer in activity checks for not participating?
  • You don’t need to be participating in a non-mandatory event to count as activity. Activity of any sort is activity.
Rebellion clarification: Who votes on saving vs deleting hexes?
  • The faction that wins the victory conditions. Victory conditions get you votes. Votes get you hexes.

Tefka's Note: We don’t go into activity checks hoping factions will fail.

Collector's Note: There seems to be some hyper-fixation on threads that RPJs actively judge (several have mentioned feeling like if they don’t participate in invasions, their faction will be recalled). Activity is activity, even if it isn’t being actively judged. This is exactly why we have you submit activity summaries, so we don’t miss the threads we haven’t been watching out for for judgment purposes.

Eternal Empire:
When is activity check reform happening?

  • We’re aiming to get discussions in motion after the event, including a more clear-cut statement of what to expect from activity checks.
Dominion judging times going slow:
  • Dominion approval due to RPJ slowness does not affect the benefits of completing a dom within a time frame (SSDs, for example). This slowness will be addressed.

Populate threads - is there a post limit/requirement?

  • No limit but if you are cheating the system you will get called out.
Can diplomacy threads be used to link to populate threads?
  • Yes. Non-invasion, Non-rebellion, and non-PvE threads count.
Can you invade 3 systems from a faction’s border if your faction is further away from that?
  • Hexes invaded further than 3 hexes away will not affect the invasion’s hex gain/loss. If you invade 4 away from the border, only the 3 closest will be nullified. Rebellions, however, affect all 6 or 7.
Is there any easy way to see all the factions’ mandates?
  • Yes, here’s a link.
How do invasion summaries work?
  • It’s your chance to provide the judging team your faction’s personal summary of how you did in the invasion. ‘MVP highlights.’
“It’s your job, as major faction owner, to be like ‘my guys are doing great and I want them to get recognized for them.’” - Tefka

Collector's Note: Think of invasion summaries as your chance to tell the judges what your faction was going for in this invasion. There's a lot to read, a lot of differing writing styles involved, stuff can be missed or misinterpreted. This is your chance to wrap it up in a semi-neat bow.